Global Military Omnipresence – Skynet

A recent article in Defence One laid out the Pentagon’s strategy for full spectrum dominance .


The article is titled Military Omnipresence: A Unifying Concept for America’s 21st-Century Fighting Edge .

A few excerpts from the article are below , followed by a translation :

“The Pentagon should converge its technological and doctrinal efforts towards a perpetual, networked presence that enables operations and awareness anywhere in the world.”

Translation : A doctrine of war & control lead by corrupted technology & corrupted people .

“One hundred years later, Wernher von Braun, a German engineer who’d been secretly whisked away to the United States, suggested a different approach: an armed space station into low earth orbit. As he put it, “Our space station could be utilized as a very effective bomb carrier, and the nation who owns such a bomb-dropping space station…will have military omnipresence.””

Translation : A nod to their idealogical father & paper clip Nazism . The Battle for Space .

“Operational omnipresence is exactly what it sounds like: perpetual, networked presence that enables operations and awareness anywhere in the world. It consists of three primary interconnected components: physical assets, virtual capabilities, and information.”

Translation : Physical assets = you , virtual capabilities = mind control , information = internet & media control & information gathering .

“Further, the current presidential administration has articulated its goal to increase physical presence in a recent executive order.”

Translation : More wars , false flag attacks & bombings .

“Previous conceptions of virtual presence have defined it as being physically nearby or having a passive presence via technology. But today, virtual presence exists where force can be applied quickly from a distance — within hours or even nanoseconds — and includes cyber, electronic, and space-borne warfare.”

Translation :  Warfare via HAARP , satellite & ground based electromagnetic frequency weapons coupled with nano technology .

Perceived presence rounds out the operational omnipresence concept. Perceived presence is the use of technology to collect information and monitor events occurring in places in which physical and virtual presence aren’t possible. Though it doesn’t permit the application of force, the perception of being watched influences behavior — an insight that goes back to the concept of the panopticon introduced by 17th-century English philosopher Jeremy Bentham.”

Translation : Continual war & terrorism creates fear leading to a neural susceptibility towards psychological conditioning & control .

“Today, cyber- and satellite-enabled surveillance, coupled with traditional forms of intelligence gathering and the ubiquity of the press and personal devices, means that a global electronic version of the panopticon is possible.”

Translation : The global control , conditioning & eugenics grid is almost complete .

“The networked interdependence of every element of presence and the information required to support it “produce a data overload that will make it difficult or impossible” for humans to direct in a timely fashion.”

Translation : You as a human are obsolete .

“To enable this, operational omnipresence requires a common operating system, an architecture that supports real-time information exchanges between every component in the network of systems. Supercomputing power is necessary. Artificial intelligence across the system is critically important. Human-machine pairing is vital. They are the means by which all of the data can be reviewed and analyzed, transforming presence from three sectored capabilities into a synthetic organism that can sense and respond to the environment around it with human direction.”

Translation : The Machine is now in charge .

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