Ex Barclays Director Appointed City Minister – One Ring to Rule Them All

It has been reported in the mainstream media that ex Barclays Bank director Steve Barclay has been appointed as the new City minister in Theresa May’s government . A brief list of the responsibilities of the City minister can be found here , basically the role involves the regulation of financial services & the formation of government policy towards the finance industry in general . The role is not worthy of much attention as everybody knows that in UK politics , especially Conservative politics , the tail wags the dog .

A few interesting facts regarding Steve Barclay :

  • His dad worked as a trade union official, and his mum as a civil service administrator .
  • Steve read history at the spooky Cambridge University .
  • Steve spent his gap year in the army serving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers .
  • Steve previously worked as a City regulator (???) for the Financial Services Authority .
  • Steve also worked as the head of Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions (???) at Barclays Bank .

The deeper story involves Brexit , Macron and forthcoming financial deregulation in the UK , in the long term leading to another rigged ‘financial crash’ .

Brexit caused a small stir in London , the home of the Banking Cartel , the one ring that binds all others together . Domestic politics , geopoloitics , the military industrial complex and industry are all subservient to the one ring , whether they like it or not .

Always the first to spot any angle or even construct the angle initially , the Banking cartel has decided to position France , under Macron(y) the marionette , to fully capitalise on Brexit negotiations . Pitting both the UK & France against each other forms the perfect triad for profiteering & political control , which is always the end result or hypothesis . Maybe this was the real reason for the recent UK election , which no doubt will lead to Brexit ‘lite’ .

Another point worth noting is a connection to the recent scapegoating of Qatar as the single sponsor of terrorism in the whole world . This description of Qatar was provided by head choppers incorporated , leading global terror sponsors and very close friends of the UK establishment & arms industry , Saudi Arabia .

Qatar was a major player in the bailout of Barclays Bank after the last ‘financial crash’ . It was suggested that Barclays lent Qatar around £6bn to buy it’s own shares , thus avoiding a government bailout and perhaps extra scrutiny of ‘the books’ . Completely illegal under the regulations as provided by the City minister , an ‘inquiry’ was conducted by the SFO but as usual it was more of a magical mystery tour designed to bamboozle the public . Was Barclays instrumental in providing the conduit for Oil money to I$I$ ? We will never know for sure , although you can bet that the establishment knows .

Meanwhile France under the control of the cartel is busy deregulating labour markets , stripping workers of their rights and creating a surveillance state to counter any dissent , forming the new City 2.0 in Paris . The UK’s answer will be to release the invisible chains of financial bondage which were imposed on the finance industry after the previous ‘global crash’ , the cat will again be totally in charge of the cream .

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