Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonise Mars

Cultocracy note :

Elon Musk’s central vision has always been to form a colony on Mars , he has made no secret of his ambitions , all of his other projects are key to this grand grand design . Elon Musk also has very close ties to various US government departments , he would not be where he is today without help from certain quarters . It is estimated that Musk’s various ventures have received around $5 billion in government incentives , in addition to this figure Musk has received around $5.5 billion in government contracts from NASA and the U.S. Air Force .

Assuming a space craft is eventually constructed that is able to travel to Mars , any colonists would face harsh and deadly atmospheric conditions . There are several ways to overcome these hurdles .

a) Transform the magnetosphere & create a more human friendly atmosphere via global warming ‘Mars style’ . This would probably involve the spraying of nano particles to form a barrier to keep a synthetically created atmosphere from escaping into space , it would also act as a barrier for harmful radiation entering the atmosphere from space .

b) Transform humans themselves into genetically modified cyborg life forms able to withstand the harsh environment .

c) Create underground self sustaining communities , protected form the surface environment .

Do you think Musk & co. have been watching too many sci-fi films ?

There is a growing core of public & privately funded scientists & research groups who share Musk’s vision .

SpaceX’s Elon Musk Unveils Interplanetary Spaceship to Colonize Mars

By Mike Wall – Space.com

Now we know how Elon Musk plans to get 1 million people to Mars.

At a conference in Mexico today (Sept. 27), the SpaceX founder and CEO unveiled the company’s Interplanetary Transport System (ITS), which will combine the most powerful rocket ever built with a spaceship designed to carry at least 100 people to the Red Planet per flight.

If all goes according to plan, the reusable ITS will help humanity establish a permanent, self-sustaining colony on the Red Planet within the next 50 to 100 years, Musk said at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara. [SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport for Mars in Images]

“What I really want to do here is to make Mars seem possible — make it seem as though it’s something that we could do in our lifetimes, and that you can go,” he said.

The ITS rocket will be more or less a scaled-up version of the first stage of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 booster, Musk said. But the 254-foot-tall (77.5 meters) ITS booster will feature 42 Raptor engines, whereas the Falcon 9 is powered by nine Merlins. When combined with its crewed spaceship, the ITS will stand a full 400 feet (122 m) high, Musk wrote on Twitter. That would make it the largest spaceflight system ever built, taller even than NASA’s legendary Saturn V moon rocket.

The Raptor engine, which SpaceX recently test-fired for the first time, is about the same size as Merlin but three times more powerful, Musk said. ITS will therefore be an incredibly potent machine, capable of lofting 300 tons to low-Earth orbit (LEO) — more than two times more than Saturn V could lift. (That’s for ITS’s reusable version; an expendable variant could launch about 550 tons to LEO, Musk said.)

The spaceship, which sits atop the booster, will be 162 feet (49.5 m) tall and 56 feet (17 m) wide and will have nine Raptors of its own. The booster will launch the spaceship to Earth orbit, then return to make a soft landing at its launch site, which is currently envisioned to be Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [Fly Through SpaceX’s Interplanetary Spaceship | Video]

The spaceship will lift off with little if any fuel on board, to maximize the payload — people, cargo or a combination of both — that the craft is able to carry to orbit. An ITS booster will therefore launch again, topped with a tanker, and rendezvous with the orbiting spaceship to fill its tank.

Then, when the timing is right — Earth and Mars align favorably for interplanetary missions just once every 26 months — the spaceship portion of the ITS will turn its engines on and blast from Earth orbit toward the Red Planet.

The spaceship will be capable of transporting at least 100 and perhaps as many as 200 people, Musk said. It will also likely feature movie theaters, lecture halls and a restaurant, giving the Red Planet pioneers a far different experience than that enjoyed by NASA’s Apollo astronauts, who were crammed into a tiny capsule on their way to the moon.

“It’ll be, like, really fun to go,” Musk said. “You’ll have a great time.”

Read the full article here at space.com

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3 Responses to Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonise Mars

  1. truth1 says:

    I think Elon has been smoking some very unusual stuff. He needs to get a new dealer and go back to the old stuff. 😛


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello again truth1 , probably right . He does seem to have led a very gifted life , very likely he is simply a front for other organisations who have seem to have an inexplicable urge to colonise other planets and eventually create an ‘Elysium’ for the privileged . Many scientific types in the top military aerospace organisations seem to think along the same lines for some reason .

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