Wireless Passive Neurorecording for Human Head

This particular research paper demonstrates a wireless implant that can literally read your mind , or to be more exact the neuropotentials in your brain . The research was conducted at the University of Arizona and was presented at the Joint 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation in the US . One of the researchers is also on the NASA payroll .

An action potential is the activation of a neuron in the brain which arises in response to any stimulus involving the human body . The stimulus can be anything from hearing a sound , seeing an image or being pinched on the skin causing pain . A specific stimulus causes the simultaneous firing of specific groups of neurons . The firing of neurons is actually a depolarization of the millivolt electrical charge contained within the neuron , this tiny electrical signal can travel along the synapse which connects each individual neuron & further travel to other bodily tissue such as the muscle & skin etc . This particular implant can read the millivolt changes in brain potentials .

A simple schematic of the system is below :


The demonstrated implant is very small , 4mm x 12mm x 0.5mm thick . It is powered by a specified microwave frequency that uses backscattering to produce an incident RF signal which includes the action potential signals . In simple terms the implant can read your mind .

It follows that if a specific backscattered signal can entrain a set of neuoronal potentials then the whole scheme could be reversed to send the same set of signals to a human subject . For example signals that contain potentials which mimic the human senses , such as audio & visual signals , smell , taste , pain etc. could all be transmitted to a human subject .

The principles outlined in the research paper can be applied to a similar system which uses nano particles or a nano array instead of the actual implant .

This paper was published in 2012 , of course you can assume that what is actually placed in the public domain is old news . Implants similar to the one described in the paper have been in use for decades , primarily by deep state organisations and their subordinate criminal groups .

As is usual in these cases the research is hoovered up and studied by other interested parties , usually shadow government entities . This could be to glean information from the research , although a more likely scenario involves the censoring & suppression of information if it is deemed to be too close what ‘they’ have available & are using in the field at the present time .

Using the same mode of psychological double think that NASA & similar organisations employ should tell us what message these organisations are are actually trying to convey when ‘releasing’ this type of information . Damage limitation , denial or perhaps diversion ?

Below is a page from the joint ASU / NASA document covering the research paper .


‘Lossy & Inhomogenous Tissue Media’ = You

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