Scientists Decode Facial Images in Monkey Brain

Cultocracy note :

This technology is not new .

It has been heavily researched , developed & tested by shadow military organisations .

It has been used to control individuals for several decades .

Remote capture & analysis of brain patterns is possible using implants & nano particles .

Super computers can store , analyze & reconstruct brain patterns & transmit them to a specified target .

Scientists Demonstrate Ability to Decode Images of Human Faces by Scanning Monkeys’ Brains



Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, a neuroscientist at the University of Leicester, tells The Guardian that this is “quite a revolution in neuroscience.” Aside from just being cool as hell, this research inches closer to solving the debate around how the brain recognizes faces. For a time, it was believed that the brain uses what was known as “grandmother cells”—neurons that store information about individual objects. Then, clusters of neurons that were referred to as “face patches” were believed to be dedicated to recognizing faces. These face patch regions respond the most to visual stimuli from human faces. One theory has been that individual cells in this region are encoded with specific facial identities. “This paper completely kills that,” Quiroga says.

Basically, there appears to be a way to break down the visual information of a face into a set of numeric values and coordinates, then record the firing of neurons and convert the numeric values that have been logged back into visual information.

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