CIA Asset Turned American Enemy, Manuel Noriega, Dead At 83

Cultocracy note :

An informative post from MintPressNews concerning the death of Noriega & the wider US establishment policy of terrorism , profiteering , racketeering , corruption & drug trafficking spearheaded by the C.I.A. & it’s friends & funded by the corporate & banking sectors .

As is usual in these cases a ‘plan’ is formulated by the cabal based on the theft of a countries resources coupled with a debt to the banking cartel which the country will never be able to pay back . Puppet politicians are installed usually after a carefully crafted ‘terrorism’ campaign involving bombings , ‘disappearances’ , ‘early natural deaths’ or assassinations of any individuals who resist .

These ‘black operations’ are largely funded by drug trafficking , assisted by government organisations & even the military . Cocaine from South America , Heroin from Afghanistan , the profits pour in from every angle . The market for the drugs is in the Western domestic domain , if demand is not already there it is created .

The targeted country then descends into bitter & violent factional infighting . The usual red team – blue team dialectic emerges , in the case of the South American countries dressed up as left wing – right wing , or commmunism – capitalism . In the meantime the country is pillaged & raped .

The ensuing ‘War on Drugs’ is promoted by the controlled media and allows more profiteering on the domestic front , it also acts as a convenient distraction from the root cause . Domestic towns and communities can be specifically targeted , local law enforcement agencies are bolstered . Just when it seems the situation is out of control the ‘cavalry arrives’ in the form of the same agencies that created the situation in the first place , this allows specific targeting to enforce further control in the domestic realm . Ravaged communities are then placed on the ‘regeneration list’ , more profiteering follows in the form of ‘development’ , prescripted ‘order’ out of prescripted ‘chaos’ .


The Middle East was not the first region to undergo the cabal ‘transformation’ formula .

Many other regions around the world have suffered the same fate .

In modern times the ‘War on drugs’ has been supplanted by the ‘War on Terror’ .

CIA Asset Turned American Enemy, Manuel Noriega, Dead At 83

News reports on the recent death of dictator Manuel Noriega have largely ignored the U.S.’ invasion of his country after he ceased to be “useful.” The 1989 invasion resulted in countless civilian deaths and helped cement the U.S.’ reputation as an oppressive force in Latin America.

By Whitney Webb – Mint Press News

CHILE– Former dictator of Panama Manuel Noriega died on Monday, prompting media outlets throughout the Americas and elsewhere to reflect on his legacy – a legacy dominated by the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama that was intended to end his rule. Noriega, who was well-known for his ties to the CIA, was removed from power in what was then the largest American military action to take place since Vietnam due to his connections to drug trafficking and brutality.

While there is no denying that Noriega was a dictator, media reports on his death have largely failed to acknowledge the real motives behind the fall of grace of a man who was a long-time CIA asset, receiving $100,000 from the intelligence agency annually for his “help.” Indeed, both of the crimes that allegedly led the U.S. to remove Noriega – drug-running, and brutality – were committed with the full knowledge – and likely the assistance – of the CIA.

The U.S. justification for the invasion of Panama cited Noriega’s drug-running operation in tandem with infamous narcotraficante Pablo Escobar, who in recent years was also revealed to be a CIA asset. Indeed, the 2007 crash of a CIA plane in Mexico bound to the U.S. – filled with 4 tons of cocaine – suggests that this is a habit the agency never intended to kick – and still hadn’t when the U.S. invaded Panama in 1989.

In addition, Noriega’s brutality was already considered problematic by U.S. authorities at the time. Noriega, who had political opponents butchered and regularly sent violent supporters into the streets to intimidate the opposition, did so with the full knowledge of the U.S., which sought to keep him in power as long as he remained useful.

Read the full article here at MintPressNews

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