Nano Technology News – May , 2017

Cultocracy note :

Massive funding is now being poured into nano technology research and development with only a cursory glance at the possible dangers .

All technology can be used for good or evil , secretive supra-governmental military biased organisatons control much of the funding & research focus .

Considering how the bulk of modern technological advances have been used to wage war and consolidate wealth & control , we should all be alert & wary .

Much of the technology is focused on human biology , the published research is many years behind what is available at present .

Any new technology needs to be trialled , tested & perfected .

The military corporate complex is heavily involved in covert testing on unsuspecting targets .


From the US we hear that MIT is opening a new R&D center that will push frontiers of sensing technology , the new center is named called SENSE.nano .

The blurb states that the SENSE.nano facility ‘will focus on novel detectors and imaging systems’ .

Other Nano News :


  1. Artificial DNA folds into parcels that can survive inside us .
  2. Oddball enzyme provides easy path to synthetic biomaterials

DNA origami involves shaping DNA strands into more complex structures . These can be used for ‘drug delivery’ at specific cell locations . More complex arrangements can be used in the field of plasmonics , plasmon frequency is usually in the ultraviolet range , plasmonics can be used in biosensing applications .


Alumnus Applies Nanotechnology to Study and Treat the Brain

NASA was involoved in research that developed a nanoelectrode that operates on a wireless Bluetooth system .

Nano materials can be formed into conductors, semiconductors and insulators that can be inserted under the skin , for example under the scalp to read neural signals from the brain .

  1. Sodium-ion batteries become fully stretchable
  2. Large portfolio of 2D semiconductor materials benefits next-generation flexible electronics
  3. Nanogenerator-based dual-functional and self-powered thin patch loudspeaker or microphone for flexible electronics
  4. Making skin sensors stick
  5. Bioinspired Composite Microfibers for Skin Adhesion and Signal Amplification of Wearable Sensors
  6. Wearable graphene strain sensors monitor human vital signs Read more: Wearable graphene strain sensors monitor human vital signs
  7. Self-Forming Silver Nanoparticles Retain High Conductivity in Printable Elastic Conductor
  8. Graphene on silicon carbide can store energy


Quantum dots are used in quantum communication devices & in sensing applications .

  1. New materials bring quantum computing closer to reality
  2. Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays
  3. Carbon dots@zeolites glow for longer
  4. Exchange-coupled quantum dot reads out a single electron spin


  1. ICFO Develops First Ever Graphene-Quantum Dot Based CMOS Integrated Camera
  2. Graphene and quantum dots put in motion a CMOS-integrated camera that can see the invisible
  3. Next-gen computing: Memristor chips that see patterns over pixels
  4. Researchers find new way to control light with electric fields


  1. Good vibrations no longer needed for speakers as research encourages graphene to talk
  2. Nanotechnology turns flag into loudspeaker
  3. Nano fiber feels forces, hears sounds made by cells


  1. Magnetic switch turns strange quantum property on and off


  1. In the future, treating brain disease may require just a sniff


  1. New water-based, recyclable membrane filters all types of nanoparticles

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