Fakebook , Fake Elections , Fake News

From the controlled mainstream media we can learn that Facebook Aims to Tackle Fake News Ahead of U.K. Election .

To combat ‘fake news’ Facebook has placed full page ads in controlled mainstream media newspapers .

Facebook has deleted tens of thousands of ‘fake’ Facebook accounts .

This coincides with a steep rise in Tory attack ads on Facebook .

Facebook employed a similar strategy in France before the second round of the country’s presidential election in early May .

The first round result in the French election was close :

The second round result was not so close :

Who exactly is behind this particular strategy ?

First Draft News was started in 2015 .

First draft news was funded by by Alphabet’s (agencies) Google .

First Draft News is in partnership with global mainstream media Fake News organisations who have lost all credibility .


First Draft News is in partnership with the leading UK mainstream media Fake News organisations .


These are the same organisations that informed us about ‘Iraqi WMD’s’ & more recently ‘I$I$’ inspired terrorism .

These are the same organisations that have helped to whitewash systematic & organised child sexual abuse in the UK .

These are the same organisations that constantly promote war under orders from their paymasters .

Google is controlled largely by the C.I.A / N.S.A .

The UK mainstream media is controlled by the UK $TA$I .

These organisations are further controlled by a handful of wealthy individuals who collectively form the corrupt global corporate Cultocracy .

The people are starting to see through the lies & deceit .

In an effort to maintain the discourse & control narratives the Fake mainstream media have now decided to appoint themselves as guardians of the truth , this is a global undertaking .

Open your eyes , see through their lies .

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