Chemtrails – The Global Matrix

Cultocracy note :

There is increasing evidence of the crimes against humanity committed by the global cabal in the name of global control . Aerosol spraying of nano particles & global ‘communications’ systems form the backbone of the global control , conditioning & eugenics system , much of this is experimental and works on a trial & error basis , we are the guinea pigs . Information & knowledge concerning the ongoing project is controlled & suppressed , much of what is known comes from courageous whistle blowers & an educated public . It is apparent that the bulk of the technology is researched & developed under the cover of ‘defence’ projects , primarily military communications systems & materials technology . The military organisations of N.A.T.O countries are the vehicle for the deployment of the technology , an increasingly secretive & privatised military industrial complex provides the cover & zero accountability . The command and control centres are deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B’s) , manned by slaves under the deceptive auspices of the Five Eyes consortium , all funded by the taxpayer under the guise of various fraudulent endeavours such as the ‘War on Terror’ . Side effects of the criminal activities include ‘global warming’ , pollution & contamination of soil and water , electromagnetic pollution and Earth ‘events’ . The experimentation is causing increasing ‘collateral damage’ to the general health of humans & also plant & animal life .

This is a creeping process which is not immediately visible , you have to look closely for the damaging ‘side effects’ & follow the ‘official’ narratives in the controlled mainstream media to connect the dots . Only full public awareness will stop the crime .

The end game is a global control matrix with evil at the controls .

A global concentration camp , no more , no less .


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