Manchester Bombing – The Wheels Are Back On

The recent ‘terror attack’ at an Ariane Grande concert in Manchester shows us the lengths that the military corporate complex will go to to realign the ‘War on Terror’ so that the ball is ‘back in their court’ . The Russian intervention in Syria has thrown a major spanner in the works of the ‘coalition’ & their plans for global resources domination & have gone awry .

Predictably the mainstream media is now reporting that the suspect named as Salman Abedi had ‘probably travelled to Syria’ . Syria is the current focus of the ‘War on Terror’ .

What do we know about Salman Abedi ?

Salman Abedi was born in Manchester in the UK .

His parents were of Libyan descent and had emigrated to the UK to escape Gadaffi’s regime . It is though that they lived in London for a while before moving to Manchester where they have lived for around 10 years .

It is thought that Salman Abedi’s parents had recently moved back to Libya .

Libyan sources state that his family are originally from Gubba (Al Qubbah) in Libya .

By a strange concidence the leader of the Libyan house of representatives Ageela Saleh also hails from Gubba , Saleh also acts as the the town’s representative in the Libyan House of Representatives .

In 2015 the residence of Ageela Saleh was targeted by I$I$ in an attack known as the Al Qubbah bombings .

As is usual in these cases Salman Abedi was known to the UK ‘security services’ .

As usual in these cases he was also ‘known’ to the security services of other ‘coalition’ members .

As is usual in these cases Salman Abedi was thought to be a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ .

As is usual in these cases the mainstream media reported that id belonging to Salman Abedi was found at the scene .

Salman Abedi had apparently returned to the UK from Libya days before the attack .

Aparrently a notepad titled ‘know your chemicals’ was found at the home of Salman Abedi after a search . The document was conveniently displayed for the press by a crime scene officer .

The mainstream media is now reporting that Salman Abedi was apparently ‘friends’ with other I$I$ ‘terrorists’ .

It is highly likely that Salman Abedi was a programmed mind controlled ‘assett’ ‘belonging’ to the ‘security services’ .

Timing is Everything

The attack was perpetrated on exactly the same day as the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013 .

The attack also comes at an extremely convenient time for Theresa May , the gap between Labour & Conservative was closing in regard to voting in the UK general election this year .

Theresa May the leader of the current Conservative government in the UK is planning to bomb Syria if she wins the election .

The controlled UK mainstream media consistently reports that May is ‘strong on defence’ .

Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour opposition party has opposed bombing Syria in the past . More recently Corbyn has said that ‘US airstrikes in Syria are wrong’ .

The controlled UK mainstream media consistently reports that Corbyn is ‘weak on defence’ .

Coalition of the Willing , Unwilling , Bribed & Blackmailed

The deep state & their corporate masters want war , many ‘coalition’ partners in the ‘War on Terror’ have been weakening & have lost their appetite for war . New , more willing partners are required . A new ‘coalition’ is being formed using the tools of terror .

War = Resources = Cash = Control

The public have also lost their appetite for war , which was forced on them in the first place . The public are starting to see through the lies , deception & treachery and have turned aginst their respective governments & puppet politicians , most of whom are controlled & compromised . New acts of ‘terror’ are required to show the public that they need war , in the minds of the controllers we must be taught a lesson .

War = Taxes = Loss of Freedom = Death

Ultimately the ‘War on Terror’ is simply a war for resources , primarily oil & gas but also minerals & metals . Pipelines and roads are required to suck out the wealth , for this you need to control not only the politicians but the geography , this is proving impossible with the current melange of terror groups and proxies . Russia wants to go one way with Iran , the West wants to go the other way with Saudi , the people are wedged firmly in the middle , clowns to the left & jokers to the right . On the fringe is a currency battle with the banking cartel seeing a threat to petro-dollar hegemony as countries start to trade in less established currency forms . Further down the (pipe)line we observe grasping greedy generals & the slave based security complex who only see increased funding & control for their own private ‘enterprises’ , cultocracies within cultocracies , agendas within agendas . The whole Middle East is now involved in one way or the other . The Captogon fuelled I$I$ zombie proxies are proving ineffective against the Russian military machine , ‘boots & bombs’ are the new ‘plan’ .

The controllers of the thesis in the West need the political establishments of each chosen country onside so that they can profit from the death & destruction . In the West the French establishment has been forced to submit , the UK establishment will always submit , the US establishment does not know how not to submit , other countries will be ‘persuaded’ . Meanwhile countries in the Middle East have been ordered to pull their weight , they know the consequences if they refuse . On the side of the antithesis we also have China preparing to throw it’s hat into the ring – ‘The most persistent sound which reverberates through men’s history is the beating of war drums’ (Arthur Koestler) .

The global oligarchs demand blood , sacrifice & power , the Five Eyes freak show provides the whip .

The whole dialectic is in plain sight , although only if you care to look .

The wheels are back on .

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  1. Good stuff man… Keep up the good work my Brother in arms (Alternative Real Media Syndycate)…


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