The New , New World Order

It would seem that there is now a domino effect in global politics with countries around the world lining up to move away from the warmongering & profiteering that has been the hallmark of the Western military corporate cabal .

Despite the recent trouble making & propaganda emanating from the West regarding South Korea the country elected moderate Moon Jae-in to head the countries parliament . Moon is a human rights lawyer & the son of North Korean refugees , he is an advocate of dialogue with both North Korea & China to end the impasse from countries that should be natural friends & not enemies . The current Korean situation is a direct result of the partition of Korea by Russia & the US after WWII . North Korea was always intended to form a fresh distraction from a weakening Western position in the Middle East .

It also looks like many of the West’s traditional allies such as Saudi Arabia are also opening up markets to China , Saudi recently announced large trade deals with Saudi as part of it’s ‘look East’ strategy . The policy will see the Saudi oil producing nation look to the burgeoning Eastern market instead of being in the pocket of US & UK arms manufacturing cartels .

Other global news also suggests that China is continuing with it’s ambitious project to open new global trade routes & thereby increase cooperation based on friendship & trade . Some commentators have pointed out that the infrastructure that is required will be provided by Chinese construction conglomerates & funded by Chinese finance , it has been described as globalization 2.0 . Expect increasing opposition to this from the traditional US / UK alliance , or globalization 1.0 , which favours outdated aquisition & imperialism based on threats , sanctions , enslavement & invasion . This is the only answer they have , currently they cannot compete with China on a trade based playing field . This also brings another looming possibility which is the gradual decline of the US dollar as countries move to more practical & mutually beneficial modes of currency .

The US & the UK have become more & more reliant on an economy built on a post WWII military industrial complex , enemies are now manufactured to bolster their weapons sales . Technological research & development favours weapon of death & torture at the expense of more productive & humane technologies . Wars are now fought purely to steal another countries resources , obviously these policies bring with it an ever increasing & unaccountable surveillance industry . State sponsored subterfuge & the imposition of puppet regimes is now the only policy they have , unfortunately this is being increasingly used on increasingly educated & enlightened domestic populations .

Many observers in the US , including it would appear the traditional industries supported by Trump , can understand that the politics of bombing is not working , it relies on a heavily subverted & propagandized press along with a corrupted and subservient political system . The global Western behemoths that currently manufacture weaponry are non too pleased , war equals profit , always for the few at the expense of the many . To compound this the manufactured conflicts such as the ‘war on terror’ are simply not working , the invasions by domestic armed forces have been transformed into proxy wars using manufactured terrorist & mercenary gangs . The global population is awakening to the incessant lies tied with the endemic corruption committed by this small clique , not to mention the murder , torture , human rights abuses & crimes against humanity .

There are logically only two directions that the US & it’s compromised poodles , including the UK  , can now go .

One is the direction of increasing trade based on friendship & mutual cooperation , to stop seeing other countries as inferior cultured cash cows that can simply be carved up . Calling a halt to the paranoid mindset which has been seeded due to previous policies based on the insane opinions of individuals in the security corporate complex & historical imperialism .

The other is the direction that the UK & the US would seem to be heading towards at speed . An ideology formed from a oppressive & authoritarian mode of thinking based on WWII era fascism & paper clip Nazism , alongside an economy with it’s foundations firmly rooted in death & destruction . Included in this model is the continued control of the press & the silencing of dissent with the obligatory oppression of the masses .

The times they are a-changin’ .

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2 Responses to The New , New World Order

  1. truth1 says:

    Indeed, it does look like times are a changing. But unchanged, remains the world rulers who take their directions from Satan. But it could be that the USA and UK are not slated to remain at the top. World rulers move nations like pieces on a chessboard. According to Daniel, near to chapter 10 or 11, The king of the north, have been been on quite winning streak up to this point, hears a report that disturbs him and angers him and he goes forth in a rage.

    I take this to be the united allies of the last 140 years or so, including 2 world wars shared among them. The King of the North launches an attack against the long suppressed King of the South. But the angel warns Daniel (and us) that it will not be the North’s victory this time. The “ships of Kittim” defeat the North in a sea battle, I gather. Now who excatly those prefigure, I can not say for sure. But I would say the US-UK-AUS-CA-NZ would be among the North allies. maybe some Europe, too. But the battle signifies the end of Christian preaching as they are incarcerated due to the anger of king of the North, perhaps using them as a scape goat like Nero did. This will be the midpoint of the antichrist’s 7 year reign. We have not seen him yet, when we do, The big battle will commence after 3.5 years and a fail for the North. Just my assessment on prophecy matters.

    The USA has the greatest concentration of avid Christians that I can tell. We are big rights and freedoms. Our bill of rights and Declaration of independence are big thorns in the sides of the world rulers. Their cross hairs are on us!


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello again truth1 , there is a growing recognition from the domestic public that Western ‘governments’ (primarily the UK & US) are controlled by a small cartel of oligarchs & warmongers who use these countries as vehicles to further their own warped globalist ambitions . Coupled with this fact is the gradual emergence of Eastern power blocs who are wise to the machinations of the cabal .
      Like you stated in your assessment there is a concerted attempt to pit the two spheres of influence against each other , East vs West (or North vs South) , it has been used in a host of similar situations in recent history . The attempt seems to be floundering at the moment , possibly resulting in a future ‘defeat’ for the cabal , at which point they will at least try to jump ship to the other side .
      I suppose the question is whether these emerging blocs of countries are themselves part of a grand plan that only serves the long term evil intentions of the controllers . Only time will tell .


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