Global Ransomware Cyber Attack – Tailored Acce$$

Cultocracy note :

The multitude of false flag & psychological operations committed in the name of global order & control are now being transferred into the electronic realm .

Expect many more similar ‘cyber attacks’ in the near future .

A large scale global cyber attack was launched yesterday targeting Microsoft Windows based systems , the attack used a computer worm virus coupled with a ransomware program . In the UK the attack seems to have particularly affected the N.H.S .

The program has been given the moniker Wanna Decryptor (WannaCry) & is derived from an exploit developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) which itself is a branch of the US military . The NSA works closely with it’s UK counterpart G.C.H.Q .

An overview of the WannaCry global infection can be found here at ArsTechnica .

This attack raises a few disturbing issues regarding the control of cyberspace by shadow government agencies who are unaccountable to the public & the taxpayer that funds them .

Microsoft & N.S.A partnership

It would seem that part of the WannaCry virus was based on a Microsoft Windows exploit developed by the N.S.A. This exploit was part of a ‘toolbox’ of similar N.S.A software offered for sale in January 2017 by a group calling itself ‘The Shadow Brokers’ . It would seem that the sale for the ‘toolbox’ was not taken up and as a result the ‘Shadow Brokers’ made public the key to decrypt the software on 8th April 2017 . Meanwhile Microsoft had been slowly releasing patches for the vulnerabilities . The whole timing of events related to the ‘attack’ appears to be well orchestrated .

The N.S.A is known to work with software developers , helping them to introduce ‘back doors’ into their commercial programs , this includes Microsoft . In fact Microsoft has colluded with the N.S.A since 2007 (and probably far earlier) on the PRISM mass surveillance programme .

So what is the bigger picture ?

As is usual in these large scale ‘attacks’ you have to follow the money .

A few interesting facts & theories about the ‘attack’ are below :

  • The ransomware ‘attack’ was started one day after US president Trump issued an executive order holding US agencies responsible for any data breaches . Is the attack a job perpetrated by ‘insiders’ designed to make the spy agencies more accountable ? This is an outside possibility seeing as politicians are now the prime candidates for surveillence .
  • Another possibility is internicine rivalry between the multitude of shadow spy agencies , this attack which is firmly tied to the N.S.A comes not long after the Wikileaks Vault 7 dump which was itself firmly tied to the C.I.A. Are rival domestic factions engaged in infighting & a battle for supremacy ?
  • ‘The Russians did it’ is the usual meme touted in the mainstream media , this time round Russia seems to have born the brunt of the attacks , particularly computers tied to the Russian Interior Ministry . Was the wider attack simply a cover for a more concerted & sophisticated attack on the Russian government ? As a general rule if the mainstream media is pointing the finger at ‘the Russian’s’ then you can be sure that the N.S.A & Five Eyes are to blame .
  • Microsoft will gain , the attacks were focused on older Windows systems which had not been updated . Many users will now be forced to upgrade to the newer Windows 10 spy suite , others no doubt will be turning automatic updates back on . Government departments across the world which cannot be weaned off Windows will be forced to update & upgrade , it is estimated that around 90% of UK N.H.S trusts in the UK are still using the vulnerable XP based system . Double Kerchiing ! In terms of both ‘surveillance data’ & cash . It should be noted that this may backfire as users & government departments now switch from Microsoft to more secure systems not associated with deep state sponsored cyber criminals .
  • More snooping laws will now be forced on the public , paradoxically using the arguments ‘protecting privacy’ & ‘national security’ . The implementation of the various snooping laws will fall on agencies such as the N.S.A. bolstering their already bloated positions . It should be noted that theses agencies currently do whatever they like to whoever they do not like .
  • Bitcoin is implicated as the ‘Shadow Brokers’ requested payment in this form of electronic currency for the original NSA ‘tool box’ . Current ransomware related to the WannaCry attack also requests payment via Bitcoin , it should be noted that the payment is requested in US dollars . An attack on the cryptocurrency by security service stooges on behalf of a fearful banking cartel  , leading to more ‘regulation’ of cryptocurrencies ? Unlikely but possible . It should be noted that nobody is sure who actually developed Bitcoin .
  • The attack was planned by deep state supporters of UK political leader Jeremy Corbyn who is a strong supporter of the N.H.S. as opposed to Theresa May who wants to destroy it . It can therefore only serve to increase votes for Labour in the upcoming election . Highly unlikely as there is zero deep state support for Jeremy Corbyn .

Laughably (or cynically) G.C.H.Q boasted about ‘keeping Britain safe’ in a tweet on the exact same day that the N.H.S was attacked . Obviously they need more funding , ironically it will be at the expense of the N.H.S.

It does not really matter which theory you subscribe to , there will always be one outcome , they will gain & we will lose .

As a final note I will leave you with this opinion on the ‘attack’ which appeared on a message board from ‘WorkingClassMan’s picture’ at Zerohedge :

Our alphabet-soup agencies…causing more trouble than they fix.

As for the hackers themselves…if they’re civilian criminals, they should be gutted from the anus to their forehead.  If government scum, they should be shot from the toenails up until dead.

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