‘France Elects’ Marionette Macron – Bomber & Banker

‘France’ today elected Emanuel Macron(y) as it’s next presidential leader .


‘Marionette En Marche’

This particular election revealed yet more apathy & disillusionment by the public towards the highly controlled ‘democratic’ system . The traditional French parties have long been viewed as puppets & parasites by the French electorate .

A few interesting facts about Macron & the French election :

In recent times politics in France has been dominated by two main parties , the Socialist Party and the Republican Party , the traditional left-right paradigm , or as I like to see it Red team-blue team , just like the French flag . So who is the White team ? The white team is the rope that binds the two parties together in a theatrical tug-of-war , or the controllers .

The controllers had long sensed the voter apathy permeating through the French people , this leaves a vacuum , a vacuum is not good for business or war (the two are closely entwined) , it left the French election in a state of limbo that could not be controlled . Control is good , for the controllers that is , not for the French public . This could have led to a rise in ‘nationalism’ & increased support for the outside candidate Marine Le Pen , Le Pen’s party the Front National was against globalisation & anti war , at least on the face of things .

In a very convenient & timely manner the Socialist Party was beset by a series of scandals , including major tax evasion accusations . The story centered around then French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac who himself had laughably launched a personal crusade against tax evasion . The ‘official’ story reported in the mainstream media was that a twelve year old ‘recording’ of a conversation regarding several numbered Swiss bank accounts owned by Cahuzac was ‘stumbled upon’ by investigative reporter Fabrice Arfi .

The run up to the election was also conveniently overshadowed by several ominous & calculated episodes . Socialist Party leader & French President François Hollande was heading an inauguration of a new rail link in the Charente region of France when a highly trained sniper tasked with protecting the president ‘accidentally’ let off not one , but two shots , injuring two bystanders . Hollande , perhaps quite wisely , then decided not to seek re-election in the presidential race . Also a month earlier Hollande’s France was embroiled in days of rioting when a man was allegedly ‘baton raped’ by a French police officer .

In a similarly convenient & timely manner the then Republican Party candidate Francois Fillon was also beset by a financial scandal involving allegations that he paid his wife & children several hundred thousand euros for work they did not actually do .

The episodes above do not include the numerous ‘terror incidents’ that have plagued France in the years & months before the election .

The tug-of-war rope was severed & they all fell down .

Enter stage left & right Emanuel Macron(y) or plan B

A few facts about Macron(y) & ‘his’ policies :

The vacuum is now very conveniently filled by a photogenic ‘anti establishment’ & ‘centrist’ candidate , i.e. a globalist stooge & mind controlled marionette . As with all politicians any of the political statements & policies outlined before Macron’s election are not only open to change , but will be changed . Before Macron , France seemed to be getting cold feet regarding the endless corruption , murder & profiteering that is expected from a puppet state , a reset was needed .

So where does this leave the French people & indeed the world ?

Macron has stated that he would like to tax the French people even more & erode their work rights and their civil rights , this will happen .

Expect a more militarized police force , intended to counter any domestic resistance against the globalist policies that will no doubt now be pursued with renewed vigour .

As with most globalist countries expect the French taxpayer to pay for endless wars of acquisition & oppression , always favoring the few at the expense of the many .

France is now firmly ‘in the bag’ , Syria , Iran & Russia are in the sights .

A little like the UK  , except with more Gallic flair & washed down with fine red wine .


This election has laid threadbare the farce that is Western democracy , democracy is now a partnership between global finance & the military industrial complex , as it has been for decades . The controllers are only driven by war , greed & slavery , the most base of human values , they are no more than ravenous , rabid dogs .

Elections are closely controlled by a minority of globalists who are driven purely by profit & power , many saw through the facade as a large portion of the French public did not cast their vote , knowing it to be a waste of time & energy .

Others no doubt felt compelled to vote , a mysterious urge perhaps to ‘Go Forward !’ .

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