UK Killer Whale Death, Infertility & PCB’s

Cultocracy note :

‘Lulu’ a female killer whale died in 2016 after becoming entangled in fishing nets , a postmortem revealed high levels of toxic PCB’s in Lulu’s blubber , moreover Lulu was said to have been rendered infertile due to the PCB’s . Lulu was a member of the last pod of killer whales sighted in Britain , the pod has not produced a single calf for over 20 years .

Monsanto held the licence to produce PCB’s , the adverse health effects from PCB’s have been well documented since manufacturing started in the 1930’s , they were only banned in the 1970’s .

PCB’s do not break down or degrade , they are easily transferred from the soil and water to the atmosphere by evaporation .

PCB’s have a chemical structure similar to the highly toxic & carcinogenic group of compounds known as dioxins . Monsanto has now merged with Bayer , Bayer was once owned by I.G.Farben , Bayer was the first company to market ‘heroin’ .

I.G.Farben was also the manufacturer of Zyclon B , Agent Orange & DDT’s . More recently Monsanto has been the major proponent of GM crops & Roundup (glyphosate) .


As with the previous post regarding bees the root cause of these issues is the corruption & control of elected officials by wealthy corporations .

It would seem that Monsanto has a monopoly on bringing toxic products to the mass market which result in severe effects to the natural environment , is this a coincidence ?

From The Guardian

UK killer whale died with extreme levels of toxic pollutants

Adult whale Lulu was one of UK’s last resident pod and had never produced a calf, probably because pollutants in her blubber had caused infertility

One of the highest concentrations of toxic pollutants ever recorded in a marine mammal has been revealed in a Scottish killer whale that died in 2016.

The adult whale, known as Lulu, was a member of the UK’s last resident pod and a postmortem also showed she had never produced a calf. The pollutants, called PCBs, are known to cause infertility and these latest findings add to strong evidence that the pod is doomed to extinction.

The level of PCBs found in Lulu’s blubber were extreme at 950mg/kg, more than 100 times the 9mg/kg limit above which damage to the health of marine mammals is known to occur. A 2016 analysis showed the average concentration for killer whales in the north-east Atlantic was about 150mg/kg.

Lulu died after becoming tangled in ropes used to haul up creels, the netted cages used to catch lobsters and crabs. But Andrew Brownlow, head of the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, said: “Given what is known about the toxic effects of PCBs, we have to consider that such a high-pollutant burden could have been affecting her health and reproductive fitness.”

Read the full article here at the Guardian

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