Ruling Britannia: The Evidence that Britain is Legislating its Way to Authoritarianism

Cultocracy note :

stasi-jackA more truthful title should read ‘Britain has legislated its way to authoritarianism’ . The slide towards a totalitarian state started post WWII , the Cold War saw the introduction of sweeping surveillance powers & a paranoid mindset which became entrenched within the security system .

In modern times the slightest act of opposition or resistance is routinely pounced on & exploited to introduce further constraints on individual freedom , manufactured conflicts such as the ‘War on Terror’ have been at the core of the creeping oppression . This has now been extended to every facet of every government department and has spilled over into the general public , every single person is now considered a potential ‘enemy’ . A climate of fear reigns within the public sector , any potential whistle blowers are targeted for harassment & psychological torture , or worse . All dissent is co-opted , ring fenced & controlled from within , there is now no need to synthetically create & control opposition . The political system has become mere theatre , or more appropriately a circus ring full of clowns .

Much of the control system has been facilitated by the development of sophisticated electronic & computing technology , other more ‘exotic’ technologies are in widespread use . The surveillance powers are routinely & widely abused , intellectual property theft is rife , profiteering & racketeering are the norm within the higher levels of the security establishment & their sycophantic cronies , these people are nothing more than street level pimps and hustlers .

It will get worse before it gets better .

Power corrupts , total power corrupts totally .

As usual the keyword is control .


Ruling Britannia: The Evidence that Britain is Legislating it Way to Authoritarianism

By Graham Vanbergen


During the short course of the 21st century Britain’s ruling class has pushed its democracy in a direction where the expansion of state powers is undeniably leading the country towards authoritarianism.

The United Nations privacy chief has called the situation “worse than scary.” Even UK courts judged that the activities of the government was in breach of human rights law, so legislators put forward Bills to legalise it. Apple CEO Tim Cook was particularly critical, noting that new laws would have “dire consequences” if introduced, which they were. Harvit Kambo a director at Privacy International said; “It’s sad that the Snowden revelations backfired so spectacularly in Britain. Rather than rolling back powers, they’ve been used to legitimise these practices.”

Britain is now regarded as an endemic surveillance society. It is run, not by honourable men and women looking to serve their country but by a pack of snarling wolves, ensuring the flock never steps out of line. But surveillance is just the start and where it starts is just as alarming.

Just think about the evidence for a minute. Authoritarianism is defined as: “the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.” We already have much of this statement in Britain. In 2014 it was estimated by government that one million school pupils had been biometrically finger-printed. But as it turned out, on further private investigation through Freedom of Information requests the best guesstimate of the 8.2 million attending school was that 6 million were on a biometric database of some sort starting from the age of just four – and that was 10 years ago. By now one would expect that number to be close to 100% with facial recognition and other more recent technologies.

Open Democracy UK wrote five years ago: “Imagine a country in which the state has access to all the personal communications of all citizens and, thanks to this official mastery of the electronic environment, access also to all personal files and photographs, which it can survey without a warrant and at the whim of the police and secret services, whose penetration by corporate corruption is well documented. Imagine the authorities of this country then passing legislation which gives those same authorities the right to claim any issue that exposes the behaviour or mis-behaviour of those same authorities to be an issue of ‘national security’ which cannot be exposed in court. Who could we be talking about? Putin’s Russia? The ‘new’ China? They should be so lucky. Say hello to a Britain ruled for the first time in living memory by a government forged with the support of Liberals.

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