Nano Technology News – April 2017

Nano technology is currently the fastest growing scientific field , nano research covers a broad range of industries and applications and is expected to have a high impact on traditional technologies . Funding for the scientific research has to come from somewhere , in the U.S. the Department of Defence & D.A.R.P.A are major players , most other countries have their own government funded programs for nano technology research , much of it top secret .

Many of the breakthroughs in this field can be applied beneficially in the fields of medicine , energy , transport and industry . There is a much darker side regarding the use of nano technology , much of which is invisible & undetectable .


Most of the current research is purely experimental , as the graph above shows this is now changing as the technology is applied to traditional industrial applications which can be aimed at the mass market . This new frontier is being compared with the IT revolution of the past century . It brings big risks , especially in respect to the natural environment , the creation of exotic military weaponry and a multitude of other unethical & criminal enterprises directed towards the social control & conditioning of the public . The flip side is that the controllers of the technology will reap massive financial rewards , with the added bonus of moving one more step towards full spectrum dominance of the global population .

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