Global spy agencies meet for “Five Eyes” Party


This Spookfest has been an annual event for years , for some reason they have decided to ‘come out’ this year , the festival of spying will be held in Queenstown , New Zealand . According to the New Zealand Herald there will be some ‘very , very important people coming to NZ’ , obviously an article planted by the self aggrandizing motley assortment of warmongers , voyeurs & terrorists in attendance .

Officially the group is to discuss the threat from I$I$ (created by the spooks) , Russian interference in Western elections (rigged by the spooks) and ‘global tensions’ (manufactured by the spooks) . According to the Otago Daily Times ‘the conference is expected to go on for about a week, with golf on the itinerary’ .


Pitch ‘n’ Putt – 5 Eyes Style

Unofficially the group will be discussing how to further intrude into the daily lives of the masses , who’s underwear drawer they plan to rifle next , torture methods , which ‘global threat’ they will create next and how to siphon off more tax payers cash by instilling fear & confusion in the public . It is also believed that several well known designer sunglasses sellers will have display stands at the meeting , one trader known as ‘Bill’ said ‘I will be able to retire after this’ .

All washed down with a vodka martini or fifty five , shaken not stirred of course .

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