Police Investigation into Aston Hall – Human Experimentation on Children


From the Derby Telegraph April 13, 2017

Police investigating a doctor accused of experimenting on children at a former mental hospital near Derby have written to victims telling them they have recorded 58 crimes, with more former patients coming forward.

The Derby Telegraph revealed how Dr Kenneth Milner has been accused of experimenting on children and abusing them in the 1960s and 1970s at Aston Hall Hospital by tying them down and injecting them with high-dose drugs.

An investigation by the Derby Telegraph into Dr Milner’s actions has led to more than 50 people coming forward to claim they were abused as a child by him at the former mental hospital in Aston-on-Trent.

Now Derbyshire police have sent a letter to victims which says that officers have recorded “58 crimes regarding various offences involving the actions of Dr Milner and treatment at Aston Hall”.

An alleged victim welcomed the news and says he finally felt “believed” and had a “huge sense of relief”.

The letter from Derbyshire police reads: “I am satisfied that all former residents who have indicated they wish to be contacted by the police have been identified and approached, in addition to this we are continuing to see further individuals coming forward.”

“In addition to this, we have a large amount of information regarding previous staff members. This is currently being reviewed I will then make a decision as to which staff members will be approached by the investigations team.”

“We are now in possession of a report regarding the practices at Aston Hall. Based on this, we are currently in the process of recording various crime types in relation to accounts given by former residents.”

Continued here at the Derby Telegraph

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