UK General Election called for June 8

The reasons given for the snap election are to consolidate parliamentary power towards the Conservatives to help Brexit negotiations . Corbyn was always on borrowed time , voted in to weaken Labour and then allow more ‘realistic’ candidates to establish themselves , politics is always a long game . This time round you can expect the Labour core to vote in a more establishment friendly candidate for leader .

Therfore a more interesting story is who will succeed Jeremy Corbyn after the inevitable Labour defeat .

There are currently two front runners , Clive Lewis and Keir Starmer .

The typical political dialectic is obvious :

Lewis is a generally considered to be from a ‘working class’ background , according to the wikipedia page he ‘describes himself as a “proud socialist” and is a member of three trade unions . Starmer on the other hand is a more centrist candidate , more ‘middle class’ if you like . Both were born in London , both will have had their careers closely ‘monitored’ , both show tell tale signs of being given a ‘nudge’ at certain pivotal points in their lives .

Lewis initially worked as a security guard at the BBC , he later became a journalist at the BBC & rose to become chief political correspondent on the regional program BBC Look East , he left after complaining about ‘institutional racism’ . Lewis passed out from Sandhurst Military Academy in 2006 , later in 2009 he completed three months service in Afghanistan .

Starmer trained as a barrister and was the former Director of Public Prosecutions and the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service , predictably Starmer’s Wikipedia page states that he was ‘a defence lawyer specialising in human rights issues’ . Also Starmer held roles as the human rights advisor to the Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Association of Chief Police Officers . He is a Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath , an organisation which is headed by the Queen .

Cultocracy note :

Red team – blue team , within the red team .

It should be noted that other angles have also been covered with two females as outside prospects . They are Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey .

The current odds for the general election winner & the new labour leader look like this :


UK General Election Odds 2017


Next Labour Leader Odds 2017

Worth noting that bookies have stopped taking bets for the next leader to leave UK politics . They were 1/5 as the election was announced which would have given odds of 8/1 for the following treble :

Conservatives to win the general election / Clive Lewis as next Labour leader / Jeremy Corbyn to next political leader to resign .

Good job I got up early & placed a tenner .

Whichever way the results go you can guarantee one result :

The establishment will win .

Funny , I can’t get odds for this particular bet from the bookies .

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