Project Bluebeam is not ‘On Ice’

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Truthstream Media – Aaron and Melissa Dykes

When you consider the coming Grand Delusion and Project Bluebeam you can figure what the many research projects were and how much has been completed over time. We have discussed many here. Most stemming from Project Paperclip and the Nazi -Soviet eras.  This is a very good researched video and helps to put the time and perspective on recent high profile visitations from government, celebrity, religious VIP’s.

  • Alien Disclosure Psychological Operations
  • Cryogenics
  • Cloning
  • Climate Control -Weather Modification
  • CERN (ICECUBE Neutrino facility)
  • COG Development – Elite Bunker Construction
  • DNA Research
  • Gravitation
  • HAARP Ionospheric manipulation
  • Magnetic Scalar Wave Science
  • MK-Ultra and mind control – MH-370 and other missing persons
  • Mining – private
  • NASA Research – Space based weapons and surveillance systems
  • Nuclear testing and Radiation Experiments
  • Plasma Energy Research/Discovery
  • Underground Bases
  • UFO technology – Materials Science

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