BAe Systems – £360,000 payout to Blackburn Secretary

From the Daily Mail , :

How my 10-year battle with Britain’s biggest arms maker destroyed my life: Her £360,000 payout over one sexist comment caused outrage.

‘Embroiled in the latest round of her sex discrimination battle with Britain’s largest arms manufacturer, Marion Konczak cut a frail figure at the Court of Appeal in London last week.’

‘BAE Systems have described the £360,000 they have been ordered to pay the 63-year-old former secretary from Blackburn, Lancashire, as an ‘affront to justice’ and are appealing against it.’

On the face of it the payout would seem like a politically correct gesture with the obligatory inflated payout , but scratching under the surface reveals a pattern of systematic appeasement towards Saudi & at the centre is governmental and establishment corruption & the Al-Yamamah arms deal .

Marion Konczak worked for BAE Systems at its Samlesbury site , she reported directly to managers working on the Saudi Al-Yamamah deal . The harrassment & discrimination against Mrs. Konczak started when she was groped by a Saudi warrant officer , the officer was part of an entourage overseeing the Al-Yamamah deal at BAE Samlesbury . Quoting Mrs. Konckzak :

‘BAE’s kowtowing to the Saudis went further than simply turning a blind eye to the treatment she suffered. The Saudis got away with everything. To keep them sweet.’

As a result of her treatment Mrs. Konczak states that she now suffers from debilitating psychological health issues , although considering BAE’s history there could plausibly be other invisible factors which have contributed to her general decline in health .

Another reason for the conduct of managers towards Mrs. Konczak could well be the prevailing attitude of BAE towards visiting Saudi’s , apparently BAE bosses set up a £60million slush fund to pay for high class hookers & other ‘sweeteners’ . The Saudi hierarchy do not have a sparkling reputation regarding the rights of women .

The 20 year Al-Yamamah deal was worth a small fortune to BAE , around £40 to £50 billion . Police investigators in the UK calculated that around £5 billion of this sum was siphoned off for bribes & backhanders , the investigation by the Serious Fraud Office was halted in 2006 by mind controlled sock puppet PM Tony Blair on the orders of Mi6 . Several top bosses from BAE were implicated in the fraud investigation , at the time two senior judges condemned the Blair governments actions as illegal . The reason given for halting the inquiry was that well oiled canard ‘national security’ , it was said that any affront towards the Saudi’s would end ‘counter terrorism intelligence cooperation’ between Saudi & the UK , which could in turn lead to another ‘7/7’ .

This particular case should serve to highlight the endemic corruption within BAE systems & the controlling intelligence cabal , a cancer which permeates into the entire political system and beyond . The company sees themselves as untouchable and above the law , indeed it has been described as a company out of control (PDF download) .

Modern Saudi Arabia was created by the British establishment when oil was discovered , Wahhabi Islam was the manufactured tool of oppression ‘gifted’ to the Saudi’s to help keep their domestic population under control . Saudi is now the font of all of the death & destruction in the Middle East under the continual guidance of the Anglo-American military corporate cabal . The effects of the massive UK & US arms deals are reverberating throughout the Middle East and the chickens are now coming home to roost .

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