Boris Johnson Wins Golden Poodle Award

Cultocracy note :

The award for sycophancy , pandering , brown noser , groveller & general doormat goes this month to Boris Johnson . Boris cancelled a planned visit to Russia on the orders Rex Tillerson , the US Secretary of State . Well done Boris , a true Westminster Weakling , we are all very proud .


Boris Johnson – almost overcome with emotion on receiving the award

Boris declared :

‘I am extremely proud to be following a long standing parliamentary tradition of taking orders from other countries & global corporate interests , I do not like Russia anyway , it’s too cold .’

On hearing of the cancellation the Russian government issued the following statement :

‘Boris Johnson ? Who is he ? ‘ .

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1 Response to Boris Johnson Wins Golden Poodle Award

  1. truth1 says:

    I really dig the sentiment, man!


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