The Strategy of Tension : AKA Divide & Control

The March 22nd Westminster ‘terror’ attack should only serve to educate the public in regard to the cynical & manipulative tactics of the UK establishment . A familiar pattern emerges .

  • First there was the standard ‘outrage’ expressed by the controlled press , with graphic images of the dead & injured emblazoned on front pages and full TV coverage . All designed to induce a subtle fear based psychological reaction .


  • Second were the histrionic speeches by the equally controlled political establishment . Theresa May herself stated :

“We will all move forward together. Never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart” .

I assume this righteous outburst was a nod to ‘Islamic terrorists’ and not the establishment , they would never use tools of hate & evil to divide & conquer , especially not in Iraq & Syria and definitely not here at home in the UK . I am equally glad the politicians understand that we are ‘in this together’ , of course they have always served the public & not a corrupt & degenerate ‘elite’ (always substitute the word elite for parasite) . The response from ‘Mother Theresa’ was not at all surprising as according to the Express newspaper ‘PM May came within SECONDS of terror as shots were fired’ .

  • Third was the ‘blame game’ , the blame in this case came firmly down on encrypted messaging service WhatsApp . Apparently WhatsApp was giving terrorists ‘a secret place to hide’. The security services are thought to have suspicions that other similar privacy tools started the ‘War on Terror’ , eat small children , traffic hard drugs and are planning WWIII .
  • Fourth was the ‘ramping up’ of the ‘terror threat’ , with some ‘experts’ declaring that the Westminster attack may spark a domino effect across the UK . This was coupled with headlines implying that there may be other immediate high profile targets such as Windsor Castle .


Tellingly there was not a single word from the press or politicians regarding the real motives of the attacker or the probable reasons for his actions , nor was there any discussion about the root cause , but then again there never is .

All of these points add truth to the old establishment adage ; ‘never let a good false flag attack go to waste’ .


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2 Responses to The Strategy of Tension : AKA Divide & Control

  1. truth1 says:

    My opinion is that the attacker was another mind-controlled zombie ordered to do his thing obediently without question. In other more clear terms, this was an attack orchestrated by our own governments against their own people. With “friends like these” who need enemies. “We” are the enemy. We elected them. We ought to be ashamed.


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