Nano Straws & Scarecrows

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Nano straws fuse with the membrane of an individual cell and can monitor the electrical activity within the cell . The nano straw acts as a patch clamp and amplifies intracellular electrical impulse signals , the straw can be activated using an externally applied magnetic field . The amplified signals can then be read using infrared EEG & fluorescent imaging techniques . Nano straws can also be formed into complex arrays which are used to monitor the neuronal activity in specific areas of the human brain .

These imaging techniques coupled with the nano technology are broadly termed optogenetics & magnetogenetics .

Nano straws can also be weaponized to ‘syphon off’ cell material , eventually causing the individual cell to die .

This technology is of particular interest to the military industrial complex due to its application in the development of brain machine interfaces (BMI’s) & neural control networks .


Famous Scarecrows – Are they ‘Over the Rainbow’ ?

Nanoscale ‘stealth’ probe slides into cell walls seamlessly

A nanometer-scale probe designed to slip into a cell wall and fuse with it could offer researchers a portal for extended eavesdropping on the inner electrical activity of individual cells.


‘The next step is to demonstrate functionality in living cells’

Everything from signals generated as cells communicate with each other to “digestive rumblings” as cells react to medication could be monitored for up to a week, say Stanford engineers.

Current methods of probing a cell are so destructive they usually only allow a few hours of observation before the cell dies. The researchers are the first to implant an inorganic device into a cell wall without damaging it.

The key design feature of the probe is that it mimics natural gateways in the , said Nick Melosh, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering in whose lab the research was done. With modification, the probe might serve as a conduit for inserting medication into a cell’s heavily defended interior, he said. It might also provide an improved method of attaching neural prosthetics, such as artificial arms that are controlled by pectoral muscles, or deep brain implants used for treating depression.

The 600-nanometer-long, metal-coated silicon probe has integrated so smoothly into membranes in the laboratory, the researchers have christened it the “stealth” probe.

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