Google , Data Mining , A.I. & the N.H.S


Cultocracy note :

More evidence that taxpayer funded government agencies cannot be trusted with your personal information . It is being mined & sold to private corporations , ultimately it is being used to create AI systems that will be paid for by you & used against you as another tool of control & conditioning .

In 2015 the Google susidiary Deep Mind signed a data sharing agreement with the Royal Free NHS Trust in London , the trust has access to 1.5 million patient records . The agreement was touted as a ‘system to diagnose & manage acute kidney injuries’ and gave Google full access to all patient records from the previous five years . Patients were not told of the agreement & not given the option to opt out . Ironically , Subir Mondal , the deputy director of the Royal Free Trust who signed the agreement , is also data protection officer for the trust . Mondal has also delivered speeches to GovSec , GovSec is described as ‘The UK’s premier event for cyber security and risk management professionals and decision-makers looking to protect key public sector ICT assets and infrastructure ‘ .

The agreement was recently exposed as a disturbing exercise in the control & monopolization of patient data , all under the guise of ‘public health’ , Google is not a humanitarian charity , exactly the opposite . The paper criticizing the agreement was written by Cambridge academic Julia Powles and is titled ‘Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms‘ .


Ray Kurzwheil is Google’s Director of Engineering , he claims that the singularity will happen by 2045 .

The claim has recently been shortened to the year 2029 , Kuzweil now states ‘when we live in a cybernetic society we will have computers in our brains and machines will be smarter than human beings.

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