Bots , Borgs , Humans , ‘Pixie Dust’ & N.A.S.A

Cultocracy note :

The pages below are from a 2001 powerpoint presentation given by Dennis Bushnell chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Centre . The presentation is titled ‘Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare (2025)’ , the presentation describes future NASA technological cooperation with all US military / intelligence / research departments such as DARPA , CIA , FBI , National Research Council etc. The document is real and was available on the NASA website during 2001 .

Although described as a ‘Future’ document , the technology is functional , fully operational and is with us now . We are the enemy .

A few pages from the document are below , a link to the full document is at the bottom or this article .

Are you awake yet ?

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-21-22

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-22-36

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-28-30

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-30-43

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-31-36

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-33-22

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-34-30

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-36-40

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-37-50

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2 Responses to Bots , Borgs , Humans , ‘Pixie Dust’ & N.A.S.A

  1. truth1 says:

    A great overview and historical review. I could wish that many more would see this and give thought to it. Sadly, I don’t think too many give a damn. Gonna save the post to disk. I appreciate the post and work you do!


    • cultocracy says:

      Thanks for the support truth1 . Unfortunately in the West people are generally only concerned about an issue if it affects themselves , these issues will in time affect everybody & everything . Also it is very wise to save to disk any information you find important , the controllers have a habit of erasing from the web anything that informs the public .


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