Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design

Cultocracy note :

More evidence that the very essence of life is being deconstructed & re-engineered . Whilst there is no doubt that any scientific breakthrough can be used for the good of humanity , history tells a different story . This technology will be weaponized & used for war , enslavement & profit . The advances in bioengineering have overtaken the intellect of the current world leadership . Of course the various flavours of this emerging technology will have to be tested , who’s first ?

Nano engineering & synthetic D.N.A. –  What could possibly go wrong ?


The most complex crystal designed and built from nanoparticles has been reported by researchers at Northwestern University and confirmed by researchers at the University of Michigan. The work demonstrates that some of nature’s most complicated structures can be deliberately assembled if researchers can control the shapes of the particles and the way they connect.

“This is a tour de force demonstration of what is possible when one harnesses the information content and chemistry of DNA and combines it with that are one size and one shape,” Northwestern’s Chad A. Mirkin said.

Mirkin is director of the research group that discovered such materials and a pioneer of the concept of programmable colloidal crystallization with nucleic acids. He is the George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

Nanotechnology promises to bring materials together in new ways, forging new capabilities by design. In 1996, Mirkin introduced the concept of using nanoparticles as atoms and synthetic DNA—the blue print of life—as a chemically programmable bond to make designer materials based upon the ability of the particles to recognize one another through sequences immobilized on their surfaces.

One potential application for crystals built of nanoparticles, such as these newly reported ones, is the control of light—nanoparticles interact well with light waves because they are similar in size. This could lead to materials that can change colors or patterns on command or block certain wavelengths of light, while transmitting or amplifying others. New types of lenses, lasers and even Star Trek-like cloaking materials are possible.

“We can build these complex building blocks that enable researchers to make materials that you can’t get naturally out of atoms and molecules,” said Sharon Glotzer, the Stuart W. Churchill Collegiate Professor of Chemical Engineering at U-M. She led the U-M portion of the study.

The study, titled “Clathrate Colloidal Crystals,” will be published March 3 in the journal Science. Mirkin and Glotzer are co-corresponding authors of the paper.

In chemistry, clathrates are known for their chambers that can house small molecules. They have been used for capturing pollutants from the environment, for example. The nanoparticle clusters also leave room for cargo, which Mirkin suggests could be useful for storing, delivering and sensing materials for environmental, medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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3 Responses to Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design

  1. truth1 says:

    In an event of at least 6000 years ago, Satan asks, how far can humans be misled? And he then suggests that there are practically no limits and that he could get them to do anything. God replied, you could get many, but not all. And if you do not interfere, I can prevent all. But if you insist on interference, and you fail to prove your points, it will be your life. Agreed? Satan being full of himself, took the deal.

    However it mush be said! Humans are, as whole, pretty damn stupid. Look at the horrors we are engineering. And few are concerned. As I see it, our imaginations give us great power creativity, but they can also be our undoing. its finding that delicate balance that seems to elude us. And once we lose control, we can’t get it back. Hopefully, we learn about our own frailty and make good use of the one chance God is going to give us, if we accept His terms.But what a mess it is right now. the savagery and cruelty that some dish out to the rest is beyond comprehension. Even animals are smarter than that.


    • cultocracy says:

      I agree truth1 . The fact that humans dominate the planet has given a few deluded individuals the notion that they can control nature . There seems to be a small minority that demand control over everything , the individual power they have over finance , the military , politics etc. has been projected onto the world , delusions of grandeur is an understatement . In their own deranged corrupted minds they think they are God’s and there is nothing higher or greater than themselves . In reality , nothing could be further from the truth .


      • truth1 says:

        And I agree with delusion of Grandeur .They are so high on what they can do. Problem is that those Irrational highs are deceiving. the Brain circuits are designed to adjust to normal so that ordinary work continues to sustain life. When a guy first falls in love and has sex, his mind is on anywhere but reality. He imagines it will last forever. Same for the woman. But then the honey moon wears off and life returns to its everyday drudgery and then they wonder where all those highs went to. Then the meaning and purpose beg to be given audience in the mind. but instead, they take it out on each other.

        Part of the problem is that kids are not given real expectations of life. Their life is artificial by design. Its all fun and play, then they are expected to go to work and they find out that life sucks at work. Its demeaning, depersonalizing, demoralizing, spirit crushing and brutal to endure. Farming was paradise by comparison, with no boss and sub-boss to to take out their miseries on you.

        But at the top of things,when they lose the high, they get it back again by dumping misery on others. Ah the temporary relief. but it don’t last long and then they need another fix. “who can I pick on now?” And they pick on the entire species. Enslave and use children in ways too cruel to even imagine someone doing and be capable of doing. And even if they limit it to adults, many adults have children and spouses and they will take it out on their families.Seldom does anyone ever stop to think about it. You have clearly given it the thought. We live in a world wide cult run by cult animals who are bullied into submission by a crazed maniacal out of control psychopath spirit. So its hell on earth.

        Hence, Its: what can we do with these crystals? Lets make something truly diabolical and make others miserable. Thank God, there is a God and that this is nearly over with.


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