Former Navy & Coutts boss Charged with Historic Sex Offences

Cultocracy note :

Yet more proof that sex abuse in the UK goes right to the top (bottom) . At the core of the whole sordid , satanic , sodomite system are high ranking establishment figures , furnished with ‘play things’ by their controllers .

slave-boyThis is standard practice in the higher echelons of UK society , less privileged members of public are seen as a commodity to be traded , used , abused & defiled . This practice basically constitutes human trafficking , prostitution & slavery . Will this specific case flounder & fail like so many others ? Are the victims establishment patsies intended to further degrade the historic sex abuse inquiry like the now eponymous ‘Nick’ ? Will the victims be paid off or ‘silenced’ ?

Time will tell .

As usual the keyword is control .

The allegations against Charles Howeson first surfaced in March 2016 , he was arrested and bailed several times ‘pending further enquiries’ . The abuse involves young boys & men between the ages of 14 & early 20’s .

As is usual in these cases Howeson’s activities were cloaked in a cover of respectability .

A few facts about Howeson :

  • Charles Howeson spent 25 years in the Royal Navy , reaching the rank of Commander .
  • In 2011 Howeson was made Honorary Captain in the Royal Naval Reserve by order of the Queen . Up until 2011 ‘only eight other people have been presented honorary ranks in the armed forces by the Queen’ .
  • Howeson is married with three children .
  • Howeson was a very busy man  , he was a board member & chair of a wide variety of public & private institutions , including :
  1. Board member of water watchdog the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater Western) .
  2. Chairman of the Rowe Group , a large privately owned property company based in the South West .
  3. Chairman of First Great Western Trains Advisory Board .
  4. Non-executive vice chair of N.H.S South of England , tasked with amongst other things – ‘safeguarding children’ .
  5. Chair of SPS Pathology , according to the website ‘SPS delivers full laboratory services to a population of 500,000 patients and over 100 GP practices in Somerset ‘ .
  6. Former director of Plymouth College & St. Dunstan’s Abbey Schools Charity .
  7. Life Vice president of the board of governors of the community charity DRAKE Foundation for Plymouth  .
  8. A fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation & the Royal Society of Arts .
  • Howeson was a certified yachtmaster & a licensed private pilot .
  • Howeson was Regional Chairman of Coutts , also known as the ‘Queen’s Bank’ . Like most banks coutts have been involved in a wide variety of scandals involving money laundering & tax evasion .


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1 Response to Former Navy & Coutts boss Charged with Historic Sex Offences

  1. truth1 says:

    It occurred to me reading this, that society is identical to US prisons, where sodomy is a way of life inside. There is pecking order and sh!t rolls down hill! Every thing is organized into gangs. Lite gangs in outside regular life get to do as they please and they gather in their own gangs. How interesting. We are animals in both worlds. My apologies to animals as they would appear to actually be smarter than us as they do not brutalize their young so as to preserve their various species. That leaves us near the bottom in more than one way, sadly!


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