Killing Them Softly

The following information is from James Lico’s website , James has undergraduate degrees in biology , electronics and computer science . Like many people who are targeted by the deep state for experimental slow kill operations he is trying to understand the methods that underlie the madness . Eugenics & social conditioning are back in vogue , or did they never go out of fashion , as usual the keyword is control . like most targets he has become aware that there are synthetic nano particle / chemical & electromagnetic constituents to the method , like most targets he is also aware that the ‘programme’ is carried out by private military companies working for individuals with connections to the military industrial complex & the ‘intelligence’ services . I believe £50k & a flash company car is the going rate for UK mercenaries involved in the ‘programme’ , most are ex-military , what they do not realise that they themselves will eventually be targeted . Many already are . They are playing walk on parts in a much bigger production , many are targets themselves but may not be aware . The whole production is choreographed from central hubs with localised ‘base stations’ , it’s reach is global with the ‘5 eyes’ countries at the epicentre . The ‘special relationship’ between the UK & the US is actually a relationship between the N.S.A & G.C.H.Q and their associated ‘intelligence’ groups . Many of these groups have long been under the influence of various cult factions & basically constitute gangs of loosely connected , brainwashed zealots .

James has also reached another conclusion which is verified by most targets , which is that the targeting reaches a peak a day or two before an appointment or meeting the following day . Proof that there is an ‘intelligent’ approach to the method , the whole scheme is designed to discredit the target and anything they may say in public .

An interesting fact that James has observed is that the chemicals used in the targeting programme  are fluorescent & ‘glow’ under ultra violet light , such targets are said to have been ‘sheep dipped’ . Other separate chemicals that have been used on him glow orange or yellow under UV light . James identifies the chemicals as a type of electrolyte or polyelectrolyteElectrolyte levels in the human body play an important role in regulating nerve & muscle functions , maintaining the correct blood Ph levels & tissue regeneration . Altered Ph blood levels cause a variety of symptoms including weakness , muscle twitching , irregular heartbeat , confusion & convulsions . Prolonged altered Ph levels have been connected to cancer & arthritis amongst other degenerative diseases .

Polyelectrolyte bridging

If a weaponised  bio-engineered polyelectrolyte nano particle is mixed with DNA molecules , polyelectrolyte bridging occurs . The polyelectrolyte is able to adsorb the DNA molecule , i.e. the polyelectrolyte forms on the surface of the DNA . This allows interaction on an atomic scale between a DNA strand & the polyelectrolyte due largely to steric effects , the polyelectrolyte is then able to ‘amplify’ the faint electrical signal within the DNA strand .

Electromagnetic wavelengths can be targeted at the polyelectrolyte dosed individual to ‘read’ the electrical charges contained in each electrolyte particle .


Some of the photographs James has taken of surfaces in his home & articles such as towels & shirts are shown below , notice the speckles & streaks .


More photos of strange ‘glowing’ fibres taken by James .


Tinnitus & Miosis

James has stated that he suffers from tinnitus & miosis . This is more than likely nerve & neural damage caused by repeated exposure to the chemicals . The chemical deposits will gradually build up inside the nervous tissue in the brain as described above in ‘polyelectrolyte bridging’ , this in turn will cause intracranial pressure . It is likely that the glial cells are most affected , glial cells are basically the support network for neurons in the brain . It is obvious that if the functioning of glial cells is impaired then this will have a domino effect on the neurons .

Most individuals targeted in this way will have some degree of damage to their sensory functions , this may be temporary whilst under attack but there is no doubt that the cumulative effects lead to long term issues . The long term issues will include a decline in neural functioning leading to conditions that will mimic other documented neural degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers & Parkinsons . Astrocytoma is a general term for the condition .

There is a highly secretive & sociopathic global network involved in the targeting , torture & termination of individuals & groups of individuals . The ‘grand design’ is to replace the law of nature itself with the laws of technology , technology that they control . Many of the established structures in many countries have now been compromised , factions within various military , cult & intelligence services are involved . These non humans who would be Gods have been wreaking havoc for decades , indiscriminately targeting any person who can enhance their operations , also ‘marking for death’ any person who can hinder their operations , the remaining population not within these boundaries have become irrelevant . Control of the technology is key , as is control of any information regarding the technology . As mentioned earlier eugenics , social conditioning & mind manipulation is their aim . Military grade technology developed in clandestine underground laboratories is now being tested on the wider public . Most targets will be unaware , symptoms can be explained away by an equally unaware medical profession , other more ethical or enlightened professionals can be subverted or co-opted using a wide array of physical & psychological techniques . Secrecy & public ignorance is paramount for the ‘programme’ , they will stop at nothing to keep it this way .

Who ? The big names in defence & aerospace , primarily in the UK & the U.S. Along with their associated representatives from the ‘secret societies’ embedded within the state security & intelligence services .

Why ? Because they can , for now at least .

That is until the hunters become the hunted .

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2 Responses to Killing Them Softly

  1. truth1 says:

    The big goal of the Elite is ti kill at least several billion in a 3.5 year period according to the Bible book of Revelation. There is apt to be a lot of dying even before that. You made the point well that many working to carry this out are going to die, too. But they have been told otherwise, but they were lied to. But really, they can not say no to Satan, anyway. He can kill as he likes and there is no escaping what he wants. Satanism is a treacherous religion/cult.


  2. cultocracy says:

    Wholly agree truth1 . The individuals involved have been lied to , there are a multitude of cover stories & scripts to explain away the ‘programme’ , these often involve ‘law & order’ , ‘national security’ or ‘saving the planet’ , all are lies . The underlying agenda is emerging , it is a depopulation programme . The ‘elites’ have always viewed the people as the main threat to their positions of power & influence .
    Satanism fits in nicely with both their agenda & their deluded idea of themselves as ‘Gods’ . Traitors & parasites one & all who subscribe to this ideology .


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