‘The White Helmets’ wins Oscar – I$I$ & UK $TA$I Propaganda

  • ‘The White Helmets’ is a documentary about ‘rescue’ workers in the Syrian Civil Defence force .
  • ‘The White Helmets’ won an Oscar in this years Academy Awards ceremony for the best documentary (short subjects) .
  • There was also a proposal last year to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the ‘White Helmets’ , they lost out in 2016 to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos .
  • Not to worry , The White Helmets did win another ‘peace prize’ , the RISING Global Peace prize was awarded jointly to Jo Cox & The White Helmets .
  • There is a proposal this year for the White Helmets to win the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize , the nomination is titled ‘Stand with the Heroes of Peace‘. Apparently the volunteer rescue workers have saved 73,530 lives in Syria .
  • The White Helmets have been accused of being Volunteers by Day, Terrorists by Night .
  • The White Helmets are funded primarily by the UK taxpayer .
  • The founder of the White Helmets is British ‘security’ specialist and ‘ex’ British military ‘intelligence’ officer James Le Mesurier . Le Mesurier was Sandhurst Military Academy’s top student and recipient of the Queen’s Medal .
  • In 2005 Le Mesurier was made Vice President for Special Projects at private mercenary firm Olive Group, in January 2008 he was appointed as Principal for Good Harbour International, both based in Dubai.
  • Olive Group was founded in by 2001 by Harry Legge-Bourke . According to Sourcewatch.org ‘Olive Group lends their quick success to strong relations in the government and military industry. Harry Legge-Burke is an ex-Welsh Guard , and a former aid to chief of defense staff Sir Charles Guthrie. He can claim Prince William as a skiing partner and his sister was a nanny to the Royal children’ .

Cultocracy note :

It would seem that the UK’s involvement in the ‘War on Terror’ has now been outsourced to a variety of mercenary groups closely connected to the Crown . This is a worrying trend which mushroomed after the invasion of Iraq , many of these shadowy groups are fly by night operators and are unaccountable in both moral & financial terms . They are told they have ‘state protection’ and basically constitute private armies for their controllers who are generally high ranking establishment figures . Furthermore these groups are subcontracting the ‘work’ to a multitude of clumsily constructed pseudo terrorist groups & NGO’s to further the imperial ambitions of their masters . The rewards for the individuals involved are huge , as is the cost to the civilians in the global arenas where they ply their trade . This policy gives UK politicians and their paymasters immunity & deniability regarding any ‘operations’ the mercenary groups are involved in . Many of which are currently being carried out in the UK against UK citizens .

Any ‘good’ war is always conducted in parallel with a propaganda war . The UK controllers , warmongers , arms dealers & terrorists have lost this particular war to truth , the truth will always defeat lies . The cynical & brazen Oscar prize awarded to ‘The White Helmets’ simply shines a light the mindset of our glorious leaders and how they try to create their own false reality . When trying to rationalise their own abhorrent views & behaviour to the masses they create surreal , although slick propaganda . In doing this they think they can gain acceptance for their murder & mayhem & wring their own hands of the blood . Many are so distanced from their own actions as not to care . So a question everbody should be asking themselves is does the Oscar prize represent desperation ? Or delusion ?

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