Are You Targeted? Is ‘Targeted Individual’ Misleading Terminology?

Cultocracy note :

The following article is taken from U.S. citizen Jeremy Radlaw’s now defunct site . Jeremy was doing a very good job of explaining the essence of the ‘programme’ & the technology that underpins it , too good a job in fact . His site was ‘taken down’ in 2011 , prior to this Jeremy had stated that he thought he was being ‘set up’ .


Is ‘Targeted Individual’ Misleading Terminology?

Posted by Jeremy on May 19, 2011 11:21 am.

I’ve dissected several phrases that have framed targeting in misleading ways in the past, in “Targeting terminology”. I’ll continue to update that word list as I learn more about targeting.

The terminology that no TI seems to question – that’s the basis for the name of this web site – might be the most misleading of all.

Rooted in a fallacy

The phrase targeted individual begs the question: “why you?”

This is the question that every regular on my site has grappled with. It’s the question that’s naturally asked of them when they try to explain their experiences.

Many of us are aware we’ve been sent on multi-year wild goose chases, having been presented with convincing patsies – like a neighbor with connections, or another party in a financial deal gone sour – or with scapegoats, like satanic cults or criminal gangs.

There are some TI’s who really have to be kept down, for one reason or another; I’ll get to that issue in a minute. But a solid majority of targets, having passed through the initial smoke screens, are aware that it doesn’t seem like there’s a good reason to go after them.

Seductive, but wrong

The phrase “targeted individual” seems like a very good fit when you’re several months into “the program”, because it looks like the whole world is out to get you. It’s a seductive phrase; it changes your world view. You naturally gravitate to incredible explanations for why you, of all people, were “targeted”.

The real explanation might be much less flattering; it might be that your life was thrown away to advance a psychological operation, because you happened to be in a position where you couldn’t defend yourself.

The truth is rarely as pleasant as a good lie.

A different way of looking at the situation

The TI’s who are aware they’re targeted are managed as a group. Their effectiveness in a group is subverted by their very own actions – by the one-sided deals they make with their handlers to get some relief. Those deals, taken all together, add up to a conspiracy.

Individual players can’t see the conspiracy, but we can all see the effects. The effects of this conspiracy are to make anyone trying to expose electronic mind control black operations look ridiculous. Chances are, that’s the purpose of the conspiracy.

Several regulars on my web site are aware that there’s nothing experimental about mind control technology; it’s being used against many people, not just the ones who are aware of it. Human experimentation is a cover story, but it might not be the true goal.

Maybe it never was about you.

Your role as an intelligence agency asset

There are certain kinds of jobs that nobody in their right mind would agree to do. For those jobs, there are other motivators: the tools of coercion and deception we’ve become familiar with.

Some people associated with the community of TI’s have been pack mules for intelligence agencies for most of their lives. They may have multiple personalities, special skills or talents, or other unique qualities that make them valuable.

The rest of us have other uses.

Your job, if you should choose to accept it, is to spread disinformation about black operations. There are many possible cover stories you can help out with. The one that’s the best fit for your background will be chosen for you:

  • Enormous networks of Satanic cults;
  • UFO’s and extraterrestrials;
  • Vast, networked gangs of vigilantes, exacting justice on individuals they’ve singled out by dispatching teams to move a carpet six inches, for example;
  • Directed energy weapons that pass through all obstacles without leaving a trace behind – yet still have a devastating effect on human flesh. Remember, you don’t have to take measurements or see anything happening to prove you’re being attacked with energy weapons. Just getting confirmation from other assets on the conference calls should be good enough;
  • Closely related to the previous campaign, new physics;
  • Anything except implants;
  • Helping to portray anyone who talks about the real underlying issues as mentally ill or deluded.

In your role as an asset, you have to be stripped of all your resources, so you have very little choice except to go along with the program. This will help out with other motivators later; after you’ve stopped fearing the agency, it can appeal to your greed.

The job will last as long as you’re willing to work at it.

When can you start?

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