Kincora Whitewash – Update

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Yet more evidence of the collusion , connivance , corruption & complicity of the UK establishment in regard to organised UK paedophile rings . The proof of Fraser’s involvement in Northern Ireland’s child abuse rings is well documented , yet was completely ignored by the Hart inquiry whitewash .


From the Belfast Telegraph today :

Historical Abuse Inquiry ignored report on paedophile doctor:

A researcher who helped uncover how a paedophile doctor was allowed to continue working with children has lambasted a major inquiry after it refused to include his damning report.

Dr Niall Meehan, head of the journalism and media communications faculty at Griffith College Dublin, found that the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) was made aware in 1971 that Royal Hospital Belfast child-psychiatrist, Dr Roderick Morrison Fraser, had abused a 13-year-old Belfast boy in London.

Fraser had pleaded guilty to the sex offences in 1972, however he was not jailed and continued to work with children.

The report exposed major failings by health boards, medical professionals and the RUC after they failed to stop him working within the health service.

Dr Meehan – who produced the report entitled Child Abuse, Corruption and Collusion in Britain and Northern Ireland – said he contacted the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) with a copy of his evidence after references to Fraser were made in its hearings in April last year.

He was told by HAI officials that the inquiry would consider matters “relevant to its terms and conditions”.

However, Dr Meehan has accused the inquiry of ignoring the submission after it was not included in the report.

“I asked the inquiry to investigate why the RUC and London Metropolitan Police failed to inform hospital authorities that Fraser was under investigation since August 1971 for sexual abuse of two Belfast boys in London, aged 10 and 13,” Dr Meehan said.

“It is astonishing that the Hart Inquiry did not investigate why police permitted an admitted abuser to continue interacting with institutionalised children.

“If the inquiry could not accomplish even that simple task, its report is compromised,” Dr Meehan added.

The HIA failed to respond to a request for comment.

The full article HERE at the Belfast Telegraph .

A few facts about Roderick Morrison (Morris) Fraser , protected intelligence ‘asset’ , pervert & paedophile with friends in high places are listed below . So why was all of this information disregarded in the Hart inquiry ?


1965 – Fraser graduates from Queens University Belfast in 1965. MB BCh BAO 1965 .

1969 – Fraser starts treating children amongst The Troubles in Northern Ireland .

1972 – Dr Morris Fraser: Senior Registrar, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, pleads guilty to sexual assault on a 13 year old Belfast boy at Bow Street Magistrates’ Court , London .

1973 – New York , British child-psychiatrist Morris Fraser, 39, and seven other men were indicted on 27 counts of conspiracy, sodomy and sexual abuse involving 15 boys . The offences occurred in West Islip, N.Y., between January 1970 and December 1971 .

1973 – General Medical Council Disciplinary Committee postpones a hearing regarding Fraser’s sexual assault of a 13 year old Belfast scout boy he took to London with him in August 1971 (see above 1972) .

1973 – ‘Certificate of conviction’ sent to the Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority by Bow Street Magistrates Court. Note: one year after Fraser conviction (see 1972 above) .

1974  – Pleads guilty to attempted sodomy with 3 boys in Suffolk County , New York (see above 1973 – New York) .

1974 – Fraser appeared before the General Medical Council disciplinary committee . The hearing was postponed again .

1975 – The disciplinary case was discharged . The panel members included Sir Donald Douglas Surgeon to the Queen in Scotland , chairman of the British Medical Association Sir Ronald Gibson (knighted in 1975 for his services to medicine in Winchester) , Walpole Sinclair Lewin, Consultant Neurological Surgeon (Queen’s birthday honours in 1978) & Baroness Doris Fisher of Renal , Crown representative to the GMC .

1978 – Fraser becomes senior Registrar at hospitals in Whitechapel, East London and Goodmayes, Essex .

1981 – Fraser and notorious paedophile Peter Righton contribute chapters to Perspectives on Paedophilia. Both were members of the Paedophile information Exchange (PIE) .

1982 – Consultant Psychiatrist at University College Hospital .

1988 – Founder of the Azimuth Trust , linked to Ecole en Bateau in France . Both groups organised ‘boating trips’ for young boys .

1990 – Appeared at Bow Street magistrates on Protection of Children Act 1978 charges. Morris’s co-defendant is Nicholas Reynolds, St. Briavens,  Gloucestershire .

1993 – Working at Royal South Hampshire Hospital .

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