Nanotechnology Research focused on Human Implants

A cursory read through nano technology science magazines reveals that the bulk of research is centered on technologies that can be used to ‘augment’ human capabilities . Further still , a large portion of the research seems to be centered on neural capabilities , particularly the control or monitoring of neural pathways and functions . This ties in with previous ‘research’ conducted by the military industrial complex and a transhumanist approach to the evolution of mankind . There exists a cult like ideology which is replacing the spiritual transcendence of old with the more mechanical & cyborg like transcendence afforded by this new research . A small elitist clique have always yearned to be God , or in their case Satan , in their eyes this technology affords them a short cut . A short cut to immortality & the singularity ? Or a short cut to oblivion ?

Carbon nanotube fibres make superior links to brain

Carbon nanotube fibres invented at Rice University may provide the best way to communicate directly with the brain .

The fibres have proven superior to metal electrodes for deep brain stimulation and to read signals from a neuronal network. Because they provide a two-way connection, they show promise for treating patients with neurological disorders while monitoring the real-time response of neural circuits in areas that control movement, mood and bodily functions.

Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve

Physicists are using the special properties of graphene to produce key elements of an artificial retina . With its outstanding electronic properties, graphene provides an efficient interface for communication between the retina prosthesis and nerve tissue .

A fluorinated graphene battery small enough to be injected


The device stores twice the energy of microbatteries currently used in transmitters: Scientists have created a microbattery that packs twice the energy compared to current microbatteries used to monitor the movements of salmon through rivers in the Pacific Northwest and around the world .

Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain

Researchers have shown that graphene can be used to make electrodes that can be implanted in the brain . Researchers have successfully demonstrated how it is possible to interface graphene – a two-dimensional form of carbon – with neurons, or nerve cells, while maintaining the integrity of these vital cells. The work may be used to build graphene-based electrodes that can safely be implanted in the brain .

Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons

Scientists have developed an ultra-thin, minimally invasive device for controlling brain cells with drugs and light . A study showed that scientists can wirelessly determine the path a mouse walks with a press of a button. Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, created a remote controlled, next-generation tissue implant that allows neuroscientists to inject drugs and shine lights on neurons deep inside the brains of mice .

Supersonic spray yields new nanomaterial for bendable, wearable electronics

A new, ultrathin film that is both transparent and highly conductive to electric current has been produced by a cheap and simple method devised by an international team of nanomaterials researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Korea University.

The film is also bendable and stretchable, offering potential applications in roll-up touchscreen displays, wearable electronics, flexible solar cells and electronic skin.

Tiny nanoelectrodes record brain’s activity without damaging it

Wires are sometimes implanted in the brain to treat epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease by stimulating malfunctioning nerve cells. They can also be used to record electrical signals inside the brain – a useful tool for neuroscience.

Ground-breaking project to replicate brain’s neural networks launched

  • ·Aston University heads up major €3.3m stem cell research project
  • ·Technologies developed might have potential to replace damaged  areas of the brain
  • ·Techniques could be used to treat Parkinson’s disease and  dementia in the future

Aston University has launched MESO-BRAIN, a major stem cell research project which it hopes will develop three-dimensional (3D) nanoprinting techniques that can be used to replicate the brain’s neural networks.

The cornerstone of the MESO-BRAIN project will be its use of pluripotent stem cells generated from adult human cells that have been turned into brain cells, which will form neural networks with specific biological architectures.Advance imaging and detection technologies developed in the project will be used to report on the activity of these networks in real time.

Cultocracy note :

This emergent technology will need to be tested & perfected . Human guinea pigs & lab rats are now required . In the past the positions as ‘test pilots’ were filled by unwitting individuals sequestered to the ‘programme’ . In the case of military research many are soldiers , others are innocent members of the global public ‘chosen’ from a wide range of demographic groups . Cover stories & legends are meticulously prepared for these people , underground military ‘research facilities’ provide cover for experimental procedures , the local environment is the proving ground . Targets are monitored on a continuous basis , isolation is the key to form a sterile environment for the experimental group , interaction is closely controlled except for ‘stimulation’ allowed within the ‘experiment’ . Of course the complicity of public institutions is required to allow the smooth running of the socio-political experiments , compromised dupes are in abundance , others are involved simply for the money . The whole operation is slowly moving into the hands of unaccountable private corporate conglomerates & their ‘security’ personnel , much of it under the guise of ‘defence’ & ‘national security’ . Genetic manipulation is the currently the new frontier . There are two parallel agendas running side by side , one is the humane use of the technology for medical & scientific purposes , the other involves the control & manipulation of individuals & societies , social engineering & eugenics . Which one will prevail ?

For the latter think Josef Mengele & concentration camps on a much broader global scale .

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