Top Freemason Caught in Child Sex Sting


As reported in the Daily Express yesterday former high ranking freemason Alan Wright , 75 , was caught in a police sting trying to incite an underage 14 year old boy into having sex via a dating app . Wright sent the ‘young boy’ images of his ‘privates’ and arranged a meet at Bury St Edmunds railway station , Suffolk . The ’14 year old boy’ was actually an undercover police unit who had Wright under investigation regarding his activities , when Wright appeared at the station he was promptly arrested by officers .


Freemasons Hall

A spokesman for the United Grand Lodge of England in response to the sting was quoted as saying :

‘United Grand Lodge of England places great importance on total transparency in its dealings with members and we have a robust disciplinary system to deal with members who break the law, break our rules or conduct themselves in a way which would bring Freemasonry into disrepute.’

‘Criminal activity is completely unacceptable within the organisation and totally alien to our values.’

Cultocracy note :

More evidence that the corruption & perversion within the ruling establishment goes right to the top . As the saying goes ‘the higher the monkey climbs , the more you can see his arse’ .

What is refreshing about this particular case is that it displays a sea change in the attitude of the regular rank & file towards the corrupt higher ranking establishment figures . I am certain that in the past there would have been a closing of the ranks & the officers involved would have been pressured & threatened to ‘drop the case’ .

Let’s hope this newly established mindset continues .

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