Childrens Home Channelled Young Girls for Human Experimentation


From BBC News :

Girls in local authority care may have faced experimental drug treatment after being channelled via a remand home, BBC Inside Out can reveal

Breadsall Remand Home in Derby also known as The Cedars was a remand home for children from disadvantaged backgrounds , primarily young girls , it was used as a feeder institution for Aston Hall Hospital .


Kenneth Milner

Aston Hall hospital was opened in the 1920’s for people deemed to have mental health problems , the patients were mainly children together with a few adults , it was closed in 1993 . The head physician at the hospital was Kenneth Milner who worked there from 1947 to 1975 , Kenneth Milner was also able to sign off psychiatric appraisals for children from The Cedars .

Allegations of atrocities at the hospital started to surface several years ago . Former patients have complained of being used as ‘guinea pigs’ . The experimental regime consisted of stripping young girls naked , binding them , placing them in solitary confinement in blacked out padded rooms & the forcible administration of several types of drugs . It is now believed that one of the drugs tested on the young patients was the barbiturate amobarbital which is classed as a hypnotic-sedative and is a well known ‘truth serum‘ . After being forcibly injected with the drug many patients recollected being ‘questioned’ in a terrifying manner , others stated that they had false memories of abuse suggested to them . Many were administered other drugs which made them black out or induced paralysis , after regaining consciousness the victims were convinced that they had been sexually abused . Most barbiturates are now known to lead to retrograde amnesia and dissociation , dissociation & psychological trauma has been used by cult & military organisations for the brainwashing of individuals for decades . As is usual in these cases no paperwork or research papers on the ‘therapy’ were filed by Milner , individual files on the patients contain no consent forms or detailed reports .

Truth serums were widely used in Project MKUltra and other related top secret military programmes . Unverified research from other sources has suggested that Milner was on the Education Standing Committee for the Royal Medico Psychological Association (now the Royal College of Psychiatrists) with none other than William Sargant . William Sargant was a fully paid up member of the Josef Mengele fan club , also a ‘consultant’ to Mi5 & suspected head of British MKUltra research , partly funded by the C.I.A. Other members of the Royal Association during the period 1953-1954 include Donald Ewen Cameron (McGill Hospital, Canada) and Joel Elkes (St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington) .


Donald Ewen Cameron , Josef Mengele , William Sargant

Remember all of this was government run & controlled

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that there has existed & still exists in the UK a nationwide underground system of physical & sexual abuse , torture & human experimentation by the military research & security establishment . Other subsidiary groups are also no doubt involved , it seems there has been a ‘free for all’ with the younger more vulnerable members of society deliberately targeted , quite likely viewed as worthless & expendable by the predatory psychopaths , paedophiles & debauched degenerates that inhabit the corridors of power . The weak & compromised political establishment are complicit & guilty of the betrayal of the citizens of the UK . The heads of the social services , health service , justice & police organisations are also guilty , at best they have failed in their duty & are not fit for purpose , at worst they have been involved & are blackmailed or are ‘on the payroll’ of the controllers . These people will not stop , the corrosive mentality has infected vast swathes of the UK heirarchy , they now feel that they are ‘untouchable’ due to decades of inaction by public officials & a continuing media blackout of the guilty power structures . They will only end their sick twisted behaviour when they are confronted with the truth . The people know who they are , they know where they are , they know what they are , nobody can hide from the truth .

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4 Responses to Childrens Home Channelled Young Girls for Human Experimentation

  1. truth1 says:

    Techniques for Mind control programming might have changed in more recent times, but Barbiturates were in the early days, key to hypnotic programming. Barbiturates put a subject into a deeper state of hypnosis, but shutting down the intellectual neocortex. In fact, they had to add a stimulant that would boost the cortex just enough so that language abilities could be accessed by the subconscious, for programming instruction.

    There is something to be learned from this. Stimulating the intellect increases a certain kind of awareness. We move from and more passive alpha state of mind into a beta state of mind (higher frequency. Kids are deprived of intellectual stimulation in schools. This helps to retard intellectual development. We need that intellectual stimulation. Otherwise, we become more vulnerable to the world around us, questioning much less and accepting much more for granted. If we do not feed our intellect, it will starve and we will suffer for that lack.

    It goes without saying that Barbiturates are really drugs that are easily misused and abused on young developing minds who deserve so much better than they get. To bring an unwanted child into the world is a very serious sin in my book and God’s, too, it so happens. indiscriminate breeding is among our biggest problems. My opinion is that God get awfully slighted for insisting on sexual restrain that prevents a child coming into the world without love, care, and instruction. I happen to agree with God, myself.


    • cultocracy says:

      Thanks again for your comment truth1 & the extra information on barbiturates & programming . I am sure there are many children born into unloving & uncaring families , though it should be impressed that it is through no fault of the child . Instead of providing a support network for disadvantaged children it seems that in the UK & many other countries many have been deliberately excluded & subjected to state sponsored programmes constructed by predatory elements . These programmes often hide behind a charitable & well meaning front , but their agendas are truly sick & sinister .


      • truth1 says:

        As I see it, charities and non-profits are tolls of the Elite to make sure all their important people have really high paying jobs and/or lots of time to do other things the Elite want done. The causes they claim to represent are insincere. I never donate to any of them. And I also stand against indiscriminate breeding because I believe every child should be born into loving care,and not be thrown away like an old newspaper.


      • cultocracy says:

        Very good analysis truth1 . I also think a lot of ‘charities’ have been commandeered or created by the elites , they often act as a ‘front’ for other ulterior agendas & provide a cloak of respectability .

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