Genetically modified ‘super-wheat’ will be grown in the UK

A report in the mainstream media today confirmed that GM wheat trials will begin in the UK this spring . The ‘experimental’ trial is to be conducted by Rothamsted Research , formerly known as Rothamsted Experimental Station , which in very vague & distracting terms describes itself as a ‘charitable agricultural research station’ . Several previous trials by the same company were sabotaged by environmental activists & were described as ‘pointless’ , the company still managed to coin in several million £’s of taxpayer funding . The company is primarily funded by the Government quango BBSRC , which is in turn funded by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy , more ‘jobs for the boys’ . The new trial will have ‘enhanced security measures’ for protection from sabotage , knowing the $TA$I mentality spreading like a virus through the UK political system this will probably involve machine gun turrets , minefields , electrified fences & armed guards on 24hr watch , all at the taxpayers expense of course .


The chief executive of Rothamsted Research is Achim Dobermann , just like his canine namesake Dobermann was an attack dog & prime propagandist for Golden Rice . The Golden Rice project was funded by corrupt globalist organisation the Rockefeller Foundation & the front for global big business the Gates Foundation . The license for the seeds was obtained by the Agrochem giant Syngenta . Syngenta is well known for using corrupt lobbying methods to sway politicians towards their agenda , the company also spends millions in public relations , often this involves planting articles in the mainstream media to glorify their products , of course most mainstream media journalists are owned by somebody .

Syngenta is also one of the worlds leading producers of neonicotinoid pesticides . The pesticide has been proven to be a factor in the decline of honey bees & other insect species , in fact it was banned by the European Union . Predictably the suborned prostitutes in Westminster opposed the ban , the ban has now been suspended in the UK , on top of this the parasitical profiteers also gagged their (our) own pesticide advisor . Of course this is the norm for a group of controlled puppets who always put profits before people , bees & everything else for that matter .

The Golden Rice project was trialled in China , the Phillipines , Bangladesh & Taiwan , the rice was sold to the respective countries as being able to solve a vitamin A deficiency in the diets of it’s citizens . Paid for mainstream headlines at the time declared that Golden Rice was a ‘GM breakthrough’ a ‘lifesaver’ and  ‘of benefit to the poor’ , the propaganda laughably reached fever pitch when the ‘scientists’ behind the rice were to receive ‘humanitarian awards’ . A concerned global community soon exposed the racket for what it actually was , an attempt by Globalist corporations to rake in billions from Asian countries by monopolizing the rice seed market .

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