Top Public Schools Investigated for Child Sex Abuse

Two top public schools have been drawn into the historic child sex abuse inquiry . The schools are Fettes College in Edinburgh & Gordonstoun near to Elgin , both in Scotland .

Notable pupils of the schools include Prince Charles who attended Gordonstoun & Tony Blair who attended Fettes . Also worth noting is the fact that Prince Philip (Charles father) , Princes Edward & Andrew (Charles brothers) also attended Gordonstoun . The schoools are part of a wide ranging probe into physical & sexual abuse in institutions across Scotland . Of course there have been ‘whispers’ about both schools for decades , why has it taken this long for the abuse to come to light ?

Proof , if it was needed , that the abuse goes right to the top , or bottom , depending on your perspective .

As is usual in these cases the investigation has been announced a long time after the allegations first surfaced . This allowed the schools & public institutions involved to conduct a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ . Files have gone missing , pupils have been ‘silenced’ . Fully expect yet another patronising report whitewashing the facts & a cover up of the famous faces involved .


Prince Charles & the Queen at Gordonstoun

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2 Responses to Top Public Schools Investigated for Child Sex Abuse

  1. truth1 says:

    There are far too many accounts of extreme abuse from the past. This is every good and reasonable indication that fare more of this is going on now and worse. Its sickening. the biggest scandal of the 20 and 21 centuries, by far and away. God will catch up!


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello once again truth1 . Unfortunately the UK seems to be the epicentre of child sex abuse & torture , although there is no doubt that this is a worldwide issue . Many of the youngsters would have undergone horrific sexual & physical abuse to cause dissociation , thus producing a malleable slave for the entertainment of a sick twisted cultocratic ‘elite’ . We now seem to have entered a new phase whereby the torture & abuse can be conducted remotely , using implants & electromagnetic wavelengths . There is now no need for controlled & infiltrated ‘institutions’ to produce a ready supply of victims . The results are exactly the same . What is most sickening about the UK situation is that the entire political & social system has been corrupted purely to facilitate the abuse & provide the resulting cover ups . These depraved & dehumanizing acts represent crimes against humanity . Nobody can hide from the truth , Justice will be served .


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