UK Institutional Child Sex Abuse – It Just Gets Worse

The full extent of child sex abuse in the UK is slowly starting to reach the public consciousness , the scale is massive . It has left the very fabric of the UK in tatters . Despite continual cover ups the power structures in Britain have turned the country into an international laughing stock open to all forms of sedition & blackmail . It was & probably still is an integral part of a rotten , disgusting , corrupt system of control by the shadow government . By the shadow government I mean the debased individuals who have attained power & wealth by prostituting themselves to the hidden cults & secret societies that form the cancerous backbone of a wealthy , ruling ‘elite’ (always substitute the word ‘elite’ for parasite) . You know who I mean .

Recent revelations from the Kincora abuse report indicated children from the institution in Northern Ireland were shipped to Australia against their wishes , purely to hide the disgraceful & sadistic abuse . Now it is coming to light that the deportation of abused children to Commonwealth countries was systematic & organised . The abuse started in institutions in the UK and is thought to go back to the 1920’s & stretched up to the 1970’s , these dates are estimations so we can assume the abuse stretches back further and is ongoing . Young children who had suffered horrific sexual & physical abuse in the UK were ‘deported’ to Commonwealth countries including Canada , Australia & New Zealand . They were shipped abroad so that the twisted evil crimes committed against them by establishment figures did not come to light . In many cases the abuse continued when the children reached their specific destination country .

So who exactly is behind the abuse and what are the reasons for the abuse ?

Several explanations have been put forward , all come together to form the glue that bind the higher ranking society figures together . Many people blame the old public school system , old boys networks were ‘formed’ in the dormitories & the school masters office in many a ‘boys only’ public school . The boys that entered into these schools were often thought to be the future judges , politicians & society power brokers , why not ‘get them young’ , obviously any indiscretions could be used against them in the future . Often when they became young men they were inducted into a secret society where the abuse could continue ‘behind closed doors’ . Blackmail & control at it’s most basic form . This is simplistic & does not explain the abuse of young boys from poorer backgrounds , or does it ?

Obviously not all establishment figures fit into the above category , many are more than likely appalled by what happens around them . The weaker & more corruptible figures that have been compromised are then pushed into powerful positions where they can be easily manipulated . Control of a society is the inevitable result , together with the wealth & power that can be accumulated . A continual ‘supply’ of children is required to maintain this evil system . Where better to procure children than children’s homes & institutions that have been created purely for this reason . The vulnerable children that are held in these factories of abuse are easy targets , they lack the family support structure & education to fight against the sordid system . Many would have been deliberately targeted by a depraved social , political & criminal network that has long infiltrated the majority of UK institutions , institutions that were once trusted by the public . This helps to veil the abuse & provide the inevitable cover up .

The same system also sidelines any decent public officials or whistle blowers , this type of person will be isolated & discredited & told not to ‘rock the boat’ , often they will be held aloft as an example & smeared and labeled as ‘trouble makers’ . Demotion , the sack or even worse often follows . This creates a climate of fear where others simply bury their head in the sand & pretend nothing is happening , they know that any ripples they create will be punished .


They forget that they serve the public & not a collection of filthy depraved oligarchs . Again secret societies rear their head , many public officials undergo subtle & not so subtle psychological manipulation , in their own minds the society comes above the country & the public .

The wealthy power brokers are laughing at every one of us , to them we are the enemy , a rabble that needs to be controlled & manipulated , just in case we start to wake up & destroy the depraved & degenerate dystopia they are busy creating .

Are you awake ?

The only solution is to smash their heirarchical structures & expose individuals for the perverts & dregs of society that they actually are . Learn to see beyond the image that they attempt to project , pull back the curtain & shine the light , educate & enlighten other people about their methods & madness . These people are nothing to fear , the fear is an illusion , a psychological slight of hand . The rigged inquiries headed by hand picked immoral weaklings only serve to wake us up from our slumber , the coordination of propaganda & lies spread to discredit the victims & investigators is funded by the taxpayer , a large hole is being dug .

The truth is that they fear us .

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