Kincora Whitewash Part II


On Friday retired judge Anthony Hart delivered the full report regarding historic sexual abuse of children in various institutions in Northern Ireland . By an astounding coincidence the report was delivered alongside Donald Trump’s inauguration coverage . Following a well rehearsed establishment routine the inquiry was simply a case of ‘losing’ vital evidence & whitewashing the facts , all intended to placate the many critics & victims and also cover up the disgraceful , perverted habits of the UK hierarchy . The main finding of the inquiry was that abuse did take place on a massive scale , the victims were generally young boys from the less affluent areas of Northern Ireland . To quote from the Belfast Telegraph there was ‘No credible evidence British Establishment paedophile ring operated in Belfast boys’ home Kincora’ . Even worse was the patronising although expected comment by planted sock puppet Anthony Hart who stated ‘We believe it is now time to finally lay these unfounded myths to rest.'(the myth that the establishment controlled by the Crown create peadophile rings for their own entertainment & for blackmail purposes) .

Both the church & the local police were implicated , of course there was no mention of who controls the top police officers & higher ranking clergy .

keep-calm-all-stupidAn interesting finding from the inquiry was that many of the abuse victims were shipped to Australia under a ‘special transportation scheme’ . Under the scheme they were given new identities & ‘deported’ without parental consent . Of course it is well known that both the local police & clergy in the UK have these extra ordinary powers of abduction , deportation & the issuing of new identities, at least it is well known now . No other agencies have this ability , not even the increasingly unaccountable & degenerate crime syndicate known as Mi5 .


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