Philip Hammond – Fingers in the till ?

fingers-in-the-tillTwo days ago it was reported in the Telegraph that UK Chancellor Philip Hammond invested in a food technology company called Hydramach , a few months later the company was awarded a share of a £560,000 Government grant . According to the Telegraph , Hammond took the 15% stake in October 2016 when he was Foreign Secretary , the grant was awarded in April 2016 . Mr. Hammond did not publicly declare his stake in the company .

A former standards watchdog said Mr. Hammond’s failure to make public his shareholding was “a serious failure” because “there is clearly a potential conflict of interest”. It should be noted that Hydramach later pulled out of the consortium , before the actual awarding of the grant .

An anonymous Westminster source declared ‘This is a simple oversight , just like the countless other similar errors made by our glorious leaders who strive to protect the UK public & their cash . Historically it is virtually unheard of that Conservative politicians take positions of office so that they can line their pockets . Like all politicians , Mr. Hammond is a thoroughly decent & honest man who puts the interests of the public & the UK ahead of his own’. (not from the Telegraph article)

There is one of two explanations for this ‘conflict of interest’ :

(a) A simple oversight by an extremely busy and hardworking public employee .

(b) A deliberate & dishonest attempt to profiteer from inside knowledge .

I’ll let you decide which explanation is the more likely .

Cultocracy note :

This comes just days after Theresa May’s ‘Shared Society’speech , in the speech ‘Mother Theresa’ offered an insight into the divisions between the controllers & the controlled . May spoke about a rigged system ‘favouring the privileged few’ & the fact that there is ‘one rule for the rich and powerful and another for everyone else’ .

The full article in the Telegraph :

Chancellor Philip Hammond took personal stake in food technology company…….

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