Theresa May’s UK ‘shared society’ speech

Theresa May intends to set out her vision for the UK in a speech at the Charity Commission Annual Lecture . The predictably woolly & vague name for the grand plan is the ‘Shared Society’ . It mirrors May’s statement in June 2016 when taking office , the bold words then were ‘We will build a better Britain not just for the privileged few’.

Of course it in no way resembles the 2010 bluster heralding the arrival David Cameron’s ‘Big Society‘ .

The speech is full of the usual rhetoric & hot air , although there are a few points worth noting . Below are a couple of quotes from the speech , they indicate that there is some degree of acceptance by the powers that be that the general public are waking up to the endemic corruption , perversion , treachery & deceit ingrained in the higher echelons of the UK ‘elite’ .

Quotes from the speech (translation below each quote) :

‘People are questioning whether the system of globalisation, free markets and free trade – one that has underpinned so much of our prosperity – is actually working for them…..they feel it is even working against them – serving not their interests or ambitions, but those of a privileged few. ‘

Cultocracy translation :

Globalisation was forced upon the public by greedy & contemptuous corporate & financial industries , the quest for profits has always been put ahead of people . ‘Secret’ societies enshroud the decision making in a cloak of invisibility . A complicit security , political & military establishment are only too willing to add a cover of legitimacy . Public funds are siphoned off at will , whether to fund illegitimate & immoral wars or to prop up the fraudulent banking sector . The stake holders & their sycophantic cronies get rich , the tax payer gets poor .

‘And they are questioning the legitimacy of all the old institutions and systems we have relied on for decades.’

Cultocracy translation :

The UK has never relied on ‘old institutions’ or ‘secret societies’ formed by the ‘old boys network’ , they are parasitical by their very nature . The UK public has always relied on themselves , they have been consistently betrayed the ‘old institutions’ . The ‘legitimacy’ of the ‘old institutions’ is bequeathed by themselves to themselves . It is propped up by relentless fear mongering , social conditioning , lies & propaganda .

‘And they come to a simple conclusion: that there is one rule for the rich and powerful and another for everyone else.’

Cultocracy translation :

And they come to a simple conclusion: that there is one rule for the rich and powerful and another for everyone else.


Are they worried ? Probably , just a little .

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2 Responses to Theresa May’s UK ‘shared society’ speech

  1. truth1 says:

    There is something about leaders admitting a problem that puts the public at ease, when there is not good reason for feeling at ease. Teresa admits a problem but give no solution. That is of great concern to me. A lot of people know better now. But still not nearly enough. We are in a hole we can not climb out of.

    The goal is to present a New World Order, which is no different from what we have right now, but we will be told that this will be the “final solution” to all our problems. What it is, is a sucker’s bet and the final solution will look more like death camps. Most people are not fortified with good intelligence from their parents or the schools. So they are sitting ducks, intellectually. How ironic that lack of good intellectual skills should end up being the death of so many. but it will be.

    Imagine a solider venturing out into battle field with no armor, equipment, or ammunition and no basic military training. Well, it will be a short war for him. This is where most are. It was never important for parents to get to know or understand the world around them. So they had nothing to pass on. It went from bad to worse and now the chickens have come home to roost.


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello truth1 , I agree with your comments , there is a ‘grand plan’ , although I am not sure that many people know what it is , even the forces involved in developing & implementing the technology are kept in the dark . Many are gullible & subverted , they are given pre-scripted fairy stories that the controllers know they will agree with , others enjoy the control aspect & the chance to fulfill their twisted sadistic fantasies .
      Regarding a solution , education is the key , more & more people are becoming informed , resistance to the program is inevitable .


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