Dr. Katherine Horton , Interview with a Targeted Individual

Cultocracy note :

In this interview on the Richie Allen show Dr. Katherine Horton describes predatory gang stalking & harassment by ‘operatives’ working for rogue elements embedded within the UK security services .

As is usual in these cases the harassment has sexual & sadistic overtones , it should be obvious to most people that the individuals involved are deeply troubled & disturbed . The controllers & handlers distance themselves from the actual harassment , but are always on watch , this is the only satisfaction & pleasure they can attain from their twisted embittered lives . They are completely divorced from both reality & humanity , mere vessels of corruption & degradation , voyeurs & perverts .

Many of the $TA$I operatives are duped into working for their controllers , lies are peddled , disinformation & misinformation are the order of the day . The majority are brainwashed & live in fear , the cult mindset pervades every facet of their lives , the have sold their souls .

Watch & learn .

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