Queen approves UK Government’s mass surveillance bill


Today the Queen approved the UK surveillance bill , also known as the ‘snoopers charter’ the new laws will come into effect in 2017 . The Crown & their partners in crime are on a global imperial march to control the flow of digital information & strip every individual of their freedoms & right to free speech . The new bill allows the UK $TA$I to monitor & hack the devices of any individuals or organisations that do not conform to their own ideology . This will give the Crown the powers to disrupt & dismantle any information they find inconvenient to their ongoing policy of control , their prime motive being the reinstatement of an outdated medieval style of fuedalism . The UK public are now deemed to be ignorant & incapable of running their own lives & forming their own opinions . The new tools of oppression are wide ranging & have been described in press circles as a ‘death sentence for investigative journalism’ .

Of course these techniques have been used unofficially & illegally for years . The state will now have unprecedented access to any information regarding any individual in the UK & beyond . All of the information records held by government departments such as the N.H.S. & your local council are now theirs . All of your text messages & telephone calls are now theirs . All of your internet history & passwords are now theirs . All of your personal photos , social media posts & conversations are now theirs . Every single byte of information that is held electronically & all of the digital information used by your electronic devices is now theirs .

Despite the rhetoric & propaganda emanating from the bowels of the security establishment these powers will not be used to fight crime , paedophilia & terrorism . The small clique of individuals forcing the bill on the UK are the real criminals , paedophiles & terrorists , who will be monitoring them ?

The information will be used to create profiles on individuals who can then be targeted using more exotic methods . It will be used for stealing industrial & technological secrets from competitors . It will be used to blackmail & control high ranking figures in the spheres of politics , finance & industry . It will be used as a tool of subterfuge to undermine & fragment societies across the globe . It will be used to as a psychological tool to ‘nudge’ individuals or groups in the direction required . It will be used to control the media discourse & manipulate the thought processes of populations . It will be used to brainwash , break & control individuals using sophisticated subliminal programming techniques based on cutting edge psychotronic technology .

Transhumanism is the new religion forging the latest flavour of the ‘New World Order’ . Outdated methods of human control formed by Babylonian based cults have been superceded by the use of technology . The individuals involved know little about real life or humanity , their lives are governed by computer technology , they live their lives trapped in underground tombs , most are ‘chipped’ MK slaves who do not possess the inclination or mental strength to break their chains of bondage .

Our glorious leaders led by the Crown have now turned on the UK domestic population , we are the new enemy . Other countries are following suit , the ‘special relationship’ formed by the UK & the U.S. is expanding , they all want to be a part of the Corruption Cartel .

As usual the keyword is control .

Repeal the new Surveillance laws (Investigatory Powers Act)


Sign the petition against the control freaks HERE .

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