UK Child Abuse Cover up


The cover up goes right to the top .

The cover up into historic child sex abuse continues apace . The inquiry was set up to fail & flounder , the establishment are hoping to sweep it under the carpet & that the public will quietly forget . It should now be apparent to even the most casual observer that the cover up goes right to the top , the contempt shown for the victims & by extension the UK public is yet another example of the disdain the powers that be show for the population . The inquiry was started in 2014 under by Home Secretary Theresa May when Cameron was PM . There has since been successive disputes & infighting within the inquiry team , marked by resignations , now the victims groups are becoming disillusioned & are losing confidence , this was planned . The Conservative Party have a lot to lose , as do the security services . The political establishment is an international laughing stock , the fabric of society is tainted & damaged , but do they care ?


Stooge & plant .

Evidence has frequently ‘been lost’ , victims have been ‘silenced’ . ‘Reputations’ & profits are all that these parasites covet . They are a national disgrace . The filth involved have left the UK wide open to blackmail & subversion by wealthy individuals & competing foreign powers , but do they care ?


The abuse was systematic & organised , the whole sordid episode has left national institutions in tatters . The scale of the abuse was massive , as is the cover up .


Puppets protecting the parasites & paedophiles .

Welcome to the Pedophocracy .

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