The Fear Factor , Children , Childline & I$I$

According to mainstream media reports young children in the UK are phoning Childline on a regular basis regarding their fear of terrorist attacks . More proof that the constant bombardment of terrorist acts in the media & the resulting ramping up of associated propaganda is having a disturbing effect on a new generation . Take a look at a few of the more recent articles :

  1. Children as young as nine calling Childline over Isis terrorism fears
  2. ‘My granddaughter loses sleep over terrorism’: children’s fears over global events
  3. Surge in calls to Childline over terrorism fear

The younger generation are generally more connected to world events due to the rise of the internet & social media , so perhaps this reaction should be expected .

Or perhaps there is another explanation . The anxiety & fear that the children in a modern world are facing is simply a small snapshot of a much larger , more controlled method , intended to produce a desired response .


Be under no illusion , there are groups & individuals that will always seek to control the population , primarily to further their own twisted ideology . New techniques of mass manipulation are constantly being researched & perfected , many are extremely subtle , others more brazen . As usual the keyword is control .

All is not lost however , fear can be harnessed & directed by any individual , often it can be used as a  springboard to further learning , education & enlightenment , the fist stepping stone as it were . This is what ‘they’ fear the most .


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