How Britain funded I$I$ in Syria

In recent years there have been several large seizures of the amphetamine based stimulant Captogon . The drugs are smuggled into Qatar & Saudi Arabia & onto I$I$ through well established supply routes . A Saudi Prince was implicated in this seizure last year at Beirut Airport .

Earlier this year establishment puppet & ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron defended Britain’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and rejected accusations it funds I$I$ .

The ‘alliance’ is not at all related to the oil wealth in Saudi or the billions in arms sales from the UK . I am sure the compromised establishment mouthpieces we call politicians will also be ready & willing to defend the Saudi funding of I$IS & other crimes such as the bombing of Yemen . No doubt they would cite ‘democracy & freedom’ , ‘war on terror’ etc. whilst simultaneoously flooding the UK controlled media with images of dead babies pulled from the rubble by the ‘heroic’ white helmets .
The brazen & corrupt nature of the establistment seems to show no bounds , lies & more lies are spewing from the belly of the beast . The evidence of UK complicity into the maelstrom in the Middle East is piling up , they are getting desparate both in propaganda & military terms . The patronising coverage on unfolding events , spoon fed to the media by drone like government spin doctors , would embarass a child . Unfortunately Syria is simply a bridge too far , the greedy & insane figures running the shadow government seem to relish the death & destruction . ‘They’ hate to lose , most are born with a sense of entitlement & delusional superiority , others are simply brainwashed or wedded to the corruption cartel by fear . There are even whispers that high ranking political & establishment figures are being blackmailed to sell out the UK & serve as slaves to US foreign policy . Meanwhile taxpayers money is being flushed down the drain in an endless cycle of insanity & war & the bodies are piled high .

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