Cultocracy note :

As the author of the video states ‘worse than the Nazi’s ever were’ .

The system is controlled primarily by rogue elements within the N.S.A & C.I.A . The technology is ‘subcontracted’ to other cult controlled elements embedded within the security structure of other ‘friendly’ countries including the UK . The whole system is kept intact by blackmail , intimidation & assassination . The controllers & operators are driven insane by virtue of the power they assume to have at their fingertips . They have opted out of humanity & perceive themselves as ‘gods’ , empire building along with the inevitable death & destruction is the drug they crave .

Full spectrum dominance is the hidden agenda , fabricated instability such as the ‘war on terror’ provides the pretext for this technology to be introduced to societies on a broad scale . Imperial hubris will eventually see the downfall & elimination of the megalomaniac controllers & their collaborators . Evil will always consume itself .
As usual the keyword is control .

Published on Jul 11, 2016

A computer multiplexer routes the signal to a tower satellite or mobile platform and the tower satellite or mobile platform relays the signal to the Digital Reciever similar to how cell phone technology works.

The Digital Reciever is tracked and pinpointed in real time just like a cell phone as this technology is based on timing and location, except with mind control technologies the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain.

The brain of the mind control victim has been digitalized by the nanotechnology, implants, etc. ,in the body blood stream and brain of the mind control victim.

The nanotechnology speaks to and decodes the neurotransmitters in the victims brain allowing the CIA DIA Hive Mind Teams hiding behind law enforcement agencies to turn the brain of the mind control victim into their very own visual verbal and auditive communications system after they have built a cognitive model of the victims brain which they achieve by constantly inflicting physical and psychological trauma on the victim to map out the sensory and neural pathways of the mind control victims brain and central nervous system.

Only the mind control victim absorbs the energy or feels its effects because only the mind control victim possesses that specific brainwave signature that the stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves – containing a hidden carrier frequency specifically tuned to the unique brain wave pattern of the mind control victim – is specifically tuned into.

Others around the victim do not absorb the energy or feel its effects because they do not possess that same unique brainwave signature. The stream of energy just flows through and around them and they are unaware, sort of like placing two cell phones on a table next to each other and then dialing a specific number. Only one phone rings because only that phone possesses that specific residence frequency for that number.

Posted July 11th 2016 1755 hrs Chiang Mai Thailand Baan Klieng Vang Hotel

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