Our freedoms are gone & the only freedom left is our mind

By Cultocracy

A review of the UK governments flagship investigatory powers bill was yesterday brushed aside by the loaded panel . This was predictable to say the least , the bill has been years in the making & was bulldozed through parliament by the security services which now run the country in a style similar to tin pot African dictatorships & former Eastern Block totalitarian regimes . The bill was announced in the Queen’s speech last year & was passed by parliament in June this year . The review was a token gesture intended to placate civil liberties groups , the only people who seem to be interested in preserving the last vestiges of individual freedom left .

The review panel , just like the Tory government was controlled by the security services . David Anderson QC the chair has been a staunch supporter of the bill since it’s inception , out of Anderson’s three advisers two were former employees of the state security apparatus , Robert Nowill was GCHQ’s former Director of Technology and Engineering , Gordon Meldrum was the former Director of Intelligence for the National Crime Agency . All along the bill has been promoted & marketed with the usual rhetoric involving protecting the public against terrorists & paedophiles . The only glimmer of hope is that the new laws will also target the terrorists & paedophiles infesting the upper reaches of the political & security establishments , although this is unlikely as recent history has shown .

What is included in the bill ?

The bill allows the security services to hoover up any data on a massive scale , not just domestically but globally , it also allows them to hack into any network . The information to be collected & stored includes all of your personal details held on any database anywhere in the world , personal datasets , details & recordings of telephone & internet use , basically everything . Of course they have been doing this for years , the bill simply cements this into law thus covering their backs if any concerned citizen dares to complain .

What are the powers actually for ?

The information gleaned will be used for social control & conditioning , straight out of the Tavistock Institute , knowledge is power . Any group or individual who is not ‘on message’ will be targeted & pressured to fall into line with the current mode of thought , any form of dissent or free thinking will become a virtual criminal offence . As usual control is the keyword . Apart from social control the data can be used for financial gain , companies will have no secrets , technological advances will automatically by default become the property of the security apparatus & the military industrial complex , their controllers will decide how best to use the knowledge . They can then twist & subvert the knowledge to further consolidate the established power structure . Private corporations & wealthy individuals across the globe will be able to tap into this data , obviously at a cost to themselves in both personal & financial terms .

Where will this lead ?

The investigatory powers bill  will provide the foundations for total population control or Full Spectrum Dominance in military terms . The UK is now a de-facto cultocracy , the Crown controls the military , the Crown is a corporation sole , not the country . Many individuals within this faction of the establishment would prefer to rule using an outdated feudal system , the UK population becoming subservient serfs & slaves, they do not trust regular people to govern . This faction also has vested interests to protect , primarily financial interests & land ownership . Democracy & government by the people for the people is slipping away . Politics has been reduced to farcical theatrics , a controllable two party system , this will slowly become a one party system . Red team or Blue team it does not matter , it is a false construct preserving the illusion of choice .

Incidentally all of the surveillance bills being forced onto the UK population & similar powers instigated in the US were a direct result of the fabricated ‘War on Terror’ . Makes you think .

Our freedoms are gone & the only freedom left is our mind – for now .

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