Theresa May announces new crackdown on modern slavery

An expected slight of hand from the Premier . If any of our UK politicians were uncompromised & educated on real life then the headline should have read :

‘Theresa May announces new crackdown on monarch slavery ‘ .


Theresa May , against slavery & servitude apparently .

To quote Theresa May in her ‘crackdown’ speech ; ‘This Government is determined to build a Great Britain that works for everyone and will not tolerate modern slavery, an evil trade that shatters victims’ lives and traps them in a cycle of abuse.’ .


Monarch slavery – Growing exponentially .

Monarch slavery continues unabated & with the advent of psychotronics & implants seems to be increasing in scale . It is the glue that binds corrupt leaders , politicians , bankers & the military industrial complex together in a corrupt cabal of terrorism , torture & evil . Blackmail , both financial & sexual is the engine behind the pseudo organisations & cults that promote this twisted version of reality . It permeates every level of UK society from top to bottom & is hidden in plain sight , you simply have to open your eyes & not keep them wide shut . It represents a dangerous threat to society & humanity . The massive amounts of time , finance & energy expended by the organisations involved implies high level government complicity , the main protaganists in a modern world are the corrupt structures within the military & higher level secret societies , both are intricately entwined . A real conspiracy of silence .

Read more on Theresa May’s promised crackdown here .

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