Scalar Wars


Quantum Entanglement – Superluminal Star Wars

China is set to launch the ‘world’s first’ experimental quantum ‘communications’ satellite , if successful an array of 20 or so similar satellites are set to be launched .

This is not the worlds first scalar satellite .

Several countries already have similar functioning systems in orbit .

A cosy little club has developed with the members in each particular country vowing to safeguard the technology & not to target each other , or at least that’s what they say .

There has been a massive shift in warfare strategy , the battle has moved to space , a new ‘arms race’ is developing .

If the ‘communications’ systems on board the various satellite grids are not targeting the members of this newly formed cabal & their counterparts , then who or what is in the cross hairs ?

Invariably it will be the domestic populations & the poorer less technologically advanced countries that will feel the brunt , or should that be feel the burn ?

As usual the keyword is control .

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